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Chosen by Goddess, Incredibly Stunning

“People fall for me thousands of time, my heart only beats for the one I love.”

Venus collection is one of Theodora's second released products,

the exterior design looks minimal, the roman numeral chapters on the dial look smart and simple.

Every mother of pearl dial has been cut and polished carefully and professionally, which makes every watch the one and only,

the dial will reflect different glitters under different light, it's absolutely beautiful!

There are many extraordinary colors of watches in Venus collection,

the color of the red watch is not ordinary red,  the color is the flaming red like the sun. 

The black one is like the marvelous aurora in the sky, the blue one is like the wavy ocean.

The coffee red one is like the burgundy wine, the pink one is like the blossom flowers and the grey blue one is like the color of Morandi's paintings.

Venus is the Goddess of Love & Beauty in Roman Mythology, also called Aphrodite in Greek Mythology.

Because Venus is easier to remember, we chose to name this collection “Venus”.

Venus is the pronoun of beauties, her birth revealed her extraordinary and romantic destiny.

Venus was born in the waves which dashed on the beach, when the foams of wave roll in, an incredibly beautiful woman appear.

People have many imaginations and wonders of this unbelievable miracle.

Nowadays, Venus is the symbol of the beauty that everyone falls for.

Mother of pearl, the representative item of Venus.

 The Venus collection is like the mother of pearl owned by Venus, flawless and incredibly beautiful.

When she came out from the sea foam that rolled on from the sea, everyone was falling for her.

Having this watch is like having her beauty.

Venus represents every good thing in the world, the flower blooms for her, the storm stops for her,

wherever she is, the place will be full of joys and happiness.

Now, put on the beautiful Venus watch, and wear this incredibly stunning dress,

walk confidently and bravely on the road to the future;

walk beautifully in the waves of the tide,

all the beautiful things will happen to you, just embrace every joyful moment in your life.

You deserve the beauty of Venus collection.

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Venus |Mother Of Pearl Dial