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I’m not sure whether everyone finds out that there is a strap of Theodora’s called Italian Anti-Fall Deployment Clasp Strap.


It is just like the name.

The feature of the strap is that it won’t easily loose and fall.

Once you adjust the size, you can put on and take off the watch in 3 seconds.



Owing to the special design of the watch, it is pretty easy to use the deployment clasp. Remember to adjust the size of your wrist properly and open and close the clasp buckle correctly.


It is actually convenient to use. 


However, the straps are not very common. So lots of customers may not know how to operate the anti-fall deployment clasp.


Today, we’re going to tell you how to use this special design strap.


This is the look when you receive the watch below.

Step one: please open the deployment clasp like the picture.

Please do not forget to open the buckle at the end of the strap. 

Step two: run the strap through the buckle and adjust the strap to a proper size of your wrist.

Step three: use the right hole to secure the buckle.

Step four: put on the watch like the picture below. You can put a clean cloth on the table to prevent the scratch when you do this process.

Step five: pass the strap through both the keepers and press the deployment clasp buckle until a sound" Click" is heard.

Just like this.


You had better do it properly to make sure close the clasp.

Then that’s all done.

You just need to open and close the clasp. You don’t need to thread the straps again and again.

Next time, it is really easy to put on and take off the watch.

Hope this will be helpful to you.

Here is the tutorial video:

How to Adjust the Italian Anti-fall Watchstrap