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I just got many birthday gifts and blessings from all my friends.

In all the presents, I want to unbox this gift set of Theodora’s first because I got lots of questions from my fans on the internet.


Actually, I bought a black watch of Theodora’s in late October. And I found a little bit of rust on my watch. After talking to the customer service officer, she told me to use a silver polishing cloth to clean it. But I still didn’t know where to buy the silver polishing cloth.

So when I got the gift from Theodora’s again, I was pretty surprised that the gift set was totally different.


This time, they all offer customers a silver polishing cloth and the warranty code card.

This gift set includes an Embossed Dial Black Milanese Strap Watch, two bracelets and a perfume. 


The whole black design of the watch is pretty stylish and cool.

It makes you look elegant and chic.


You will stand out in a crowd.

It won’t be too obvious or exaggerated.

This watch also looks good on a light shirt for work.

It is good for men or women.

You can see the pictures below.

The first one is the guy.

And the second one is the girl.

The perfume of the gift set is this one.

I like the smell of jasmine, tree peony and freesia.

Here are the materials in the perfume below.



Top note: Mint Leaves, Lemon, Melon, Pear 

Middle note: Jasmine, Pink pepper, Tree peony,Freesia, Rose

Base note: Cedar, Yellow Sugar, Labdanum, 

Musk, Ambergris, Patchouli,Rhubarb

In my opinion, the perfume gives you a fresh fruity fragrance. It is also full of the floral scents. And the smell of musk and cedar is suitable for men and women as well.

Sweet and lovely.

Also, it brings you a feeling of mystery.


I used not to wear watches, but now I like to wear it almost every day.

If I don’t wear a watch and go out, I will feel strange and inconvenient.


Besides, I always get the good comments about my rose gold watch.

They often say, “Your watch is so beautiful!”

At that moment, I will feel quite happy and satisfied.


So I really want to recommend you to buy one!

Keep it for yourself or give others as a gift.

From: 寰兒的執著日記

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