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Unboxing time! My favorite watch brand is Theodora’s.

There are some new gift sets now!

Lots of people like the pictures and the products about the article of Theodora’s I shared last time.

And some of them even pm or dm me to show the same brand watch like mine.

I’m glad that you guys love the watch I share so much.

This time, there are two gift boxes which amazes me.


Let me introduce them now!

You can also see the video I took about the watch.

You guys can tell that I am so happy about the unboxing.

Their gift sets are good value products.

The gift wrap is also delicate and beautiful.

Besides, you can get the maintenance tutorial card with the order.

It is super suitable for you to give others as a gift.

The one in video is this watch type:

Chloris Flower of Life Gift Set – Life for Women

Many people ask me about the brand when I post the picture on Instagram.


Only one word can describe the product.


And you don’t need to worry about the combination.

They have already helped you to match the watches and the accessories in the gift sets.

The pattern and the design of the watch is graceful and delicate.

The frame and the second hand are all gold.

And the bracelets are made of 316L stainless steel.


The simple combination makes you look feminine and fashionable.


You can see the carving word on the watch.

It is pretty lovely and pretty with the red genuine leather strap.

This is my favorite one.



Moreover, the gift set includes not only a bracelet but also a necklace.


The gift set makes you look stylish and wonderful.

Wear them to be confident and joyous!

They go with all kinds of clothes.

The maintenance tutorial card is sweet.

You can know how to maintain your straps, watches or accessories.

Theodora’s is really a good brand.


The picture book of Chloris Flower of Life Gift Sets cooperates with the illustrator, Duga&Hook.


There are five stories in the picture book.

Just get it and see it! 

One of the reasons that I love the brand is that every watch has its own story and different meaning.


The one I wear represents the life.

When you know the story behind the watch, you will feel powerful and touched.

Follow your heat to do what you want.

Another one is the couple watches gift set. Why do I need to buy the couple watches?

Although I am single, I still want to buy the watch.

I can keep it until I meet my Mr. Right.

We can hold each other’s hands together.

They are both genuine leather straps.

The black one looks pretty and great on men.

Handsome and chic! 

You can also choose the Milanese strap for your watch.

The rose gold color is also glorious and beautiful.



Chloris Flower of Life White Dial & Black Dial Milanese Strap Watches with 2 Straps Gift Set


This one is the best choice for Valentine’s Day Gift.

Wearing the same brand watch is so romantic!


Here is the unboxing video of the gift set.

Hope you will like it!

If you buy the watch, please send your photos to me!



All products mentioned above are right here.


From: Blaire左撇子