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I’m Dale.

I’m a Tarot Fortune Teller.

At first, I studied the tarot just in order to find the answer of myself.

But now, I have helped so many people.


I remembered the time that you were sobbing while talking on the phone.

You guys kept said yes and emotionally slapped the table.

And there were lots of you paying attention on me quietly.


I really appreciate all of you.

We can meet each other in such a crowded and big world.


You guys are so innocent and pure.

When you guys get hurt, I also feel sorry for you.

Most of them worry about the problems of relationship, academic pressure or job.

They want to ask the solution and know the future of their relationship.

Girls are willing to change for her love.

They will do everything they can to keep the relationship.


Sometimes, they still cannot get the heart of their love.

They are upset and sad about the breakup.


My heart aches for them.

We want you know that you also need to spend time on yourself.

Must remember to love yourself.

Time is precious.

And you are also special and different! 

When I use tarot to predict the future, I often focus on the time.

Past, present and future.

They are all linked together.


You must change then you can see the difference.

Owing to the change, you will be happier and different.


Live in the moment.

No matter you are busy with the work or relationship, you have to take care of yourself as well.

All you have to do is remember one thing.

It won’t be always like that!


Change your thoughts and think things in another way.

We always think too much.

We may set too many goals and get lost in our thoughts.


Just live in the moment and enjoy the life.

Don’t let others to define your life.

You control your own life.

Choose a special gift for the special you.

I really like this watch brand of Theodora’s.

The name, Theodora, comes from Greek word and means “a gift from the god.”

It not only attracts me by this simple design but also impresses me the powerful meaning of the watch.


From all the collections of Theodora’s, I pick the Tethys Collection.

Every collection has its own meaning and story.

You can scroll on the website and know all kinds of types.


Tethys collection is the one I choose.

Tethys is the goddess of fresh water.

 She also had three thousand sons and three thousand daughters. Now they are all river and ocean gods.


You can see the glory and shiny watch dial of this colleciton.

The pattern on the dial is like the real water ripples.


Hope you will be like the goddess.

Be powerful, independent and confident.

Face all the good and bad. Overcome all the difficulties.

Grab the time to live boldly.



Live like the water or ocean, be gentle and strong.

Because it is too beautiful, I always keep it with me.


I always get ideas and power from this timepiece.

When I am eating food, traveling, reading, photographing or playing tarot, the watch always reminds me to live in the moment and enjoy the life.


The watch dial is 40mm. It is bigger than the normal one.

With it, you look pretty and generous.


Different from the simple red one, the red water ripples dial is more delicate and elegant.



Details matter!

If you change the straps, you can get a whole new style.

This is also the reason which attracts me a lot.


The rose gold Milanese strap is suitable for the formal occasion.

And the pink strap is good for the casual daily life.


Both of them are beautiful and delicate.

You can pick your own strap to create the style you want.

I think this is a good value product.



Bring you power with watch from the goddess.

Unique you.

Pick a meaningful gift for yourself.

Or you can also send your parents, lover and bestie a special gift with blessing.

At the same time, believe that you’re beautiful, wonderful and unique.
We are all different!

What makes you different is what makes you beautiful.

Do not blindly follow everyone’s steps.

Follow your heart and know that you are in your own time zone.