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When you are down or upset, you may want to find something to change your mind.

Probably because of a paragraph, a poem, a painting or a thing, you will feel better and gain power from it.

The power can help you face the difficulties and overcome the obstacles.

Challenge all the unknown things and become stronger.


We also offer these kinds of things for you in order to bring you power and luck.


There are four types of beautiful watches in Theodora’s.

The newest collection is right here: Flower of Life Collection.

Get them and get strength from them.


Flower of Life Collection from Theodora’s is the collaboration of watches and painting.

They are Awake, Therapeutic, Life and Hope.

All have different meanings.

There are three boxes in the Flower of Life Gift Set. Each product in this collection has their own bracelets and necklace.


The pretty picture book with blessing is like the gift from the god.

You can go through every test in life and find your own place.

In the four types, I chose the one called Therapeutic.

We all get stress from others.

We should know how to deal with those things.

But the most important thing is what you think about that.

Only you can determine your own life and make your choice.

This is your life not others.


Just relax and find your original meaning of doing the thing.

You will find this watch very therapeutic.

The pattern of the watch makes you feel joyous and lovely.

The geometric pattern shows you the infinite beauty and hope.

Believe you can create your colorful life like the picture book.

Delicate rose gold bracelet and necklace with exquisite patterns are so perfect.

It makes you stylish and outstanding in the crowd.


Besides, the watches of Theodora’s are all quick release.

You can also change the strap by different taste.


These are the reasons I like this brand.

There is a coloring card in every gift set of Theodora’s.

You can paint the card with any color you want.

Painting is also a way to make you happy and enjoy the life.

After you complete your work, you can share it with all your friends.

Take a photo, post on the Facebook and tag #TheodoraFlowerOfLife.

Every picture book has different stories.

They are all gifts which come from the god.

Life, Hope, Awake or Therapeutic.

Hope you can find your flower of life.

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