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Let’s Unboxed the First Gift for My Baby-Angel Set of Theodora’s! 

One day, when I browsed Facebook, I noticed this watch-bracelet set of Theodora’s. I took a close look at it, thinking that the watch displayed good quality and even came with an alternative strap. The nice touch is convenient for me to pair my outfits for different occasions. The concept, one watch; two styles, in addition to the whole quality, would cost considerable money. That was my thought, though. Actually, this set was more affordable than I expected.


I always wanted to purchase a watch with metal straps, but after I kept browsing its website, it was surprising that Theodora’s even offered “mother-daughter bracelet sets.” At that time, I was still pregnant, having looked forward to wearing “parent-child outfits” with my daughter. Nevertheless, it still has a long way that my daughter grows up to be mature enough to wear those outfits. On the contrary, this mother-daughter bracelet set will be available for my baby and me once she is born. (Diligently to create excuses to convince myself LOL.) I determined to buy one especially when I glanced at this picture. 

That was how my heart got melted by the hope for my unborn baby girl. Then, I ordered this “Hera Classic Eggshell White Dial Rose Gold Milanese Strap Watch & Parent-Child Bracelets Angel Gift Set for Women”

My set included: Hera eggshell white watch*1, gray leather strap*1, Mom’s stainless steel bracelet*1, and baby’s or child's stainless steel bracelet*1. Moreover, it came with a silver polishing cloth, a warranty card, and maintenance illustrations.

Find those wonders in your life; embrace a pure soul. To the angel that comes to your life, devote a gift of love. 

The brand’s name-Theodora’s, could be trace back to the 5th century, a girl who was born into an ordinary family but was talented. She became the wife of Justinian I, the emperor of the Byzantine Empire.

On the one hand, she assisted this emperor to fulfill his dreams. On the other hand, she was committed to protecting the rights of women. In a riot that could ruin the palace, she said a sentence in the face of Justinian I fearlessly: “Whoever wears a crown should not choose to flee when danger is coming. I, will stay.”

This valiant faith encouraged Justinian I and let him take back his confidence. Soon, the riot was suppressed, and the female had her name left on pages of history. She is the queen of Justinian I, also an angel in his life.

She was the one and only gift to Justinian I given by God. This gift gave Justinian I the strength to proceed when he faced barriers. Her name was-Theodora, originating from Greek ”Θεο+δώρα,” which meant a gift from heaven. 

Now back to my gift, I prefer a big-dial watch (4cm diameter), which conveys a unique feeling, is not too delicate, and fits my personality.

The actual product and its color were fancy. The watch features a Japanese movement and mineral crystal.

As for the free leather strap, I chose a dark gray one. (Giveaways are limited. Hurry while they last.)

Still, the straps are available in multiple colors. So, I spent a long while before choosing gray.

Now, let’s see bracelets! Mom’s bracelet came in rose gold corresponding to the watch. Baby’s was the original color of stainless steel.

Now, let’s see bracelets! Mom’s bracelet came in rose gold corresponding to the watch. Baby’s was the original color of stainless steel.

※Descriptions of Baby & child’s bracelets:

  1. The materials of baby’s & child’s bracelets are the same as other stainless steel products of Theodora’s, which are 316 medical grade stainless steel (boasts the same standard surgical knives.)
  2. The colors of baby’s and child’s bracelets are the original ones of 316 stainless steel. Thus, they won’t rust or fade.
  3. Suggested ages for baby’s bracelets: 0-2 years. Wrist circumference: 10-12cm
  4. Suggested ages for child’s bracelets: Above 2. Wrist circumference: 12-14cm

※Features of 316L stainless steel:

Hypoallergenic / not easy to rust or deteriorate / not easy to deform

On the back of the baby’s bracelets lie two meaningful words available for choosing.



I selected “HAVE COURAGE” for my daughter. The main reason is I hope no matter what obstacles or depression she encounters, she will remain tenacious and face this world, just like Theodora did.

Since I received the gift set, I have been looking for the arrival of my daughter. All I anticipated was she would cherish the first gift from heaven prepared by me. Then, on the day when my baby reached one month old, I put on the bracelet for mom. However, mommy is the most excited, which meant me.

If you want to know how to replace or adjust straps, the official website has tutorial videos.

Besides, on the day when my baby reached one month old, I showed off our parent-child bracelets to my husband. You know what? He asked me if there are ones for the father, as he also wanted to have a bond with our daughter. Not until this event did I know that it is not only the mom to lose their mind for something, but the father does.

Looking at my baby’s hand lying on mine, I felt that all my emotions flooded over me! Mom will love and protect you forever. For this gift that carried on the blessings for your one-month arrival, once it no longer fits you, mom will take it to a shop and adjust it to a necklace. Therefore, you will have its company. Or if you don’t wear it anymore, since stainless steel doesn’t fade or rust, you could put it into your collection for good, my baby girl.


From: 人妻艾拉

Original source / Facebook / Instagram