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There are all kinds of colors in the world. Shiny, colorful and eye-catching. Why do so many fashionable celebrities or masters of fashion like wearing black? Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto once said, “Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy - but mysterious. But above all black says this: "I don’t bother you - don’t bother me".”

Walk on the street, we can easily see someone in black. Black T-shirt, black sunglasses, black skirt or boots. It seems like wearing black makes you stylish and glamorous.


Black is the eternal fashion icon. It is modest and arrogant. Black will never go out of style. You can find lots of black type watches in Theodora’s. Every black collection is different and stylish, which matches your everyday outfit and suits in any occasions. Black color won’t be too exaggerated or prominent. You can show your own style and attitude of life.


This simple, classic, eternal black is always one of the hottest items in the ranking.

Let’s know about all the black collection in Theodora’s below.

Appreciate the beauty of black. 

Suitable for your wrist. Classic all black design makes it chic and elegant. It helps you show your unpretentious but fashionable style.

Milanese strap can adjust to the suitable size with the small metallic tool included in the order. The strap is unisex. Women or men can wear the timepiece making you different.  

Easy and simple. The one can stand the test of time.

Adorn it on your wrist with genuine leather strap. It makes you feel cozy and great.

With the Hera classic black collection, you can show your one of a kind style to others.

The black 3-sub dials watch with rose gold case is bright and classic. It is quite useful and eye-catching.

When wearing this unisex timepiece, it’ll help you look more professional. 

Casual and lazy crazy horse leather makes you unique and stylish.
Wear it, you won’t regret.

The warm genuine leather is decent and exquisite.

 Black embossed dial with Roman numeral 12 makes it more delicate and elegant.

You can change the material of the strap as your wish.
Milanese one is light and bright.
Genuine leather one is soft and classic.

Water ripples dial is realistic and special. The all bright black design is iconic. 

Whether the black Milanese or genuine leather strap, it will match your clothes.

The flower of life pattern on the dial is sacred and beautiful, leading you to the road of heart.


Those collections we mention above look familiar but they are actually different. Every design presents various stories and attitude. Black color is the one everyone should have. It means that black color is timeless, unbeatable and classic all the time.
The glamour of black is irresistible for every person.


In all the collections, which type is your favorite one?

Go to see it right away! Pick one classic black timepiece for yourself! 

Black Collections