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I believe most people have known how to maintain their watches in simple ways after reading the article of THEODORA’S WATCHES DAILY CARE AND MAINTENANCE (BASIC).


Watches will be affected by the environment or the different usage especially the sweat.
If you clean and maintain

Understand the rust reason of the watch 

The material of the watch is metal which the original color is silver.

Our watches are IP vacuum plating. So you can see different colors like the rose gold or black.

The color may fade after using for a long time.

However, if you want to avoid fading, you have to clean the watch routinely. 

How to solve the problem of the rust spot?

The IP vacuum plating may be influenced by the temperature, sweat or chemical products.

So it may damage the watch and cause the rust spot.

If in this case, you can try to follow the steps in this article, THEODORA’S WATCHES DAILY CARE AND MAINTENANCE (BASIC).

You can use the silver polishing cloth to clean the watch!

The silver polishing cloth is different from the normal cloth. The silver polishing cloth will remove tarnish from the silver watches or bracelets. A polishing cloth can be black with tarnish and still be effective. It is normal that the polishing cloth becomes black. After using it, please do not wash the cloth. The polishing treatment will get washed out.


Place the watch properly

Do not put your watch with other accessories. And please do not stack. Or your watch may get scratches. In order to avoid the scratches, store your watch in the box provided when you bought it.

Do not constantly get in touch with water especially the leather

Not only the watches but also the bracelets, they are not suitable for showering, bathing, swimming, snorkeling, water related work and fishing. Please avoid getting wet on rainy days. If so, it may affect the use of the watch. 

Water is the enemy of the leather product. So please try not to wear the watch with genuine leather strap when you exercise or walk in the rain.

Whenever your watch gets wet, dry it thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth.

Please remember the steps of watch maintenance.

Learn it and make your watch last longer.