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Why does your watch become dirty and rust suddenly? Today, we’re going to show you how to maintain and clean your watch.

At the end of the article, we also have a full tutorial video for you.

Step one: put your watch on a clean cloth to prevent scratch.

Step two: wear a clean glove to wipe and clean your watch.

 Step three: put the watch on the table and remove the straps from two sides. Then you can wipe completely even the details.

Step four: use the silver polishing cloth to wipe the watch. Please clean the watch in an appropriate way. 

You can clean the metallic part including the straps or the buckles.

After cleaning it, you can own a shiny and glorious watch. 

There will be oxidation on the silver polishing cloth. So please do not wash your silver polishing cloth. The material is different from the ordinary cotton cloth.


And the silver polishing cloth is a consumable.

If it becomes too dirty to use, we advise you to get a new one.

Watches will get dirty because of your sweat, dust or grime. Especially in summer, when you sweat, your watch is easily to get dirty or bad smell and rust.


So watch daily maintenance is really important.

We suggest you clean your watch once two weeks or a month. Then it can help your watch last longer. And it will also make your watch look better after cleaning it.

Now, let’s watch the video of Watch Daily Maintenance Instruction.


If you want to know more, you can see this article of watch maintenance for advanced level.