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【 The Blessing From Sea Nymph | Hope you Remember the Happiness in the beginning Forever】

Nereid | 316L Stainless Steel Bracelets

In Greek Mythology, the elves called “Nymph”, they usually appear in mountain forests, champaigns, oceans and Lakes.

Nymph divided into 4 kinds depends on where they live, Dryad lives in forest, Naiad lives in lake,

Oread lives in mountain and Nereid lives in the sea. Nymph symbolizes the lively creatures in nature.

Because the Nymph lives happily and freely in mountains and seas, they are always energetic;

they serve gods, love to sing and dance and seize the moment.

Therefore, they won’t be sick or aged, their spirits are always young and joyful.

The sea is so vast and profound, under the deep and unpredictable ocean, there are many hidden treasures.

Those treasure might be already there long time ago, lay in somewhere undersea quietly,

and absorb the essence of the ocean and become a precious crystal waiting for people to discover.

There are 5 styles of design of this product, Hollow Flower, Chinese Palace, Sunflower, Window Flower and Snowflake.

The choose of color is rose gold, and the design is simple and delicate.

Each of the 5 styles has its uniqueness.

Next, let’s take a close look of them.


Hollow Flower:

Simple and elegant, every flower is my love for you, blooming only for you.

Palace Flower:

The beauty of traditional industrial arts, complicated carving pattern makes it more delicate.


The light shines radially from the middle, just like a sunflower, shine bravely to the sky, its firm attitude makes people feel heart-warming.

Window Flower:

It’s a translucent scenery, close your eyes, imagining the shadow of you walking by my window,

it becomes the most beautiful scenery in my eyes. Delicate and romantic.


Flawless white and joy has pure and romantic impression, that’s the first snowflake of this year.

These 5 bracelets are like the treasure under the sea, they’re small but precious.

They’re discovered from the sea, and have been made delicately into the beautiful patterns you see.

Unique flower in the sea, perfect crystallization. 

It’s undoubtedly the Best seller of the year,

the only thing wouldn’t change is the classic heart ornament symbolizes the loving feeling.

The silver bracelet isn’t overly processing, the nature color is simple and worthy for a second look.

It’s suitable for any outfit. Rose Gold bracelet is favored by many female customers,

matching with a Milanese strap watch is more eye-catching. 

No matter it’s rose gold or silver bracelet, every heart ornament has carving words of Theodora’s.

Don’t hesitate, just send this full of love gift to the angel of your life, and melt her heart with this simple and stunning gift.

There are 3 colors of this bracelet series, rose gold, black and silver. It looks like a bracelet with a smile,

no matter wearing it individually or matching it with watch is both good-looking. 

Rose gold bracelet for women, there are carving words “Precious Love” in the back.

This precious love is a beautiful treasure, cherishing it, love yourself and also love others. 

Black bracelet for men also have carving words of “Precious Love”,

it’s a couple-bracelet with the rose gold one.

There are two different size for baby bracelet,

one of them is for baby which is suitable for baby under 2 years old, suggested circumference is 10-12 cm.

The other is for little child which is suitable for child who’s over 2 years old, suggested circumference is 10-12 cm.

This bracelet is made of anti-allergy material,

it won’t discolor and deform easily. It brings the safest protection for babies.

There are two types of curving words of baby bracelet,

one of them is “Have Courage”, the other one is “Always smile”.

Three of them become unique parents and child bracelets gift set.

Wear the same collection of the bracelets and go out.

Such a sweet and wonderful family!

Just take pictures of your guys to memorize these loving moments.

We hope people wearing Nereid Collection bracelet could remember the beautiful moment of your first met.

When the time flies away, never forget those hope and wishes that you’ve ever made.

Send a loving gift to the angel of your life,

seek for your guardian Nymph, Nereid | 316L Stainless Steel Bracelets