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Audrey Hepburn once said, “There is a shade of red for every woman.”
Red is a very popular color.

It takes a big part in the colorful fashion world.

Omnipresent Red | For your beauty and happiness

For women, they must wear something red to start a brand new day.

Red is everywhere.
From blush, lipstick, nails or high heels to a scarlet red coat, the red hue is spreading like wildfire.

Actually, red represents the life. In Asian culture, red is a very important color that means royal, passion, good luck, happiness, festival and prosperity. As you think about the red hue, it brings you good things and happens in a joyful occasion.

Find the Destined Red 

There are all kinds of red such as ruby, crimson, scarlet, orange red, and purple red. They all stand for various personalities.

Everyone looks different on the same red. You definitely can find the suitable red for yourself. And wear red the right way to be stylish.
Make red become your best fashion icon.

This article collects all types of red watches of Theodora’s.

Hope this can help you find your indispensable red watch.


1. Hera Wine Red Dial Collection: Hera | Classic

Hot and intense red make you bold and eye-catching. You’ll be addicted to this charming red. When you wear this elegant timepiece, you can feel the glittery and beauty by waving your hand.

Feel confident and bright all the time.

With it, wear the perfect smile the whole day.

2. Gaia Pink Dial Collection: Gaia | Embossed Dial

Pink is always the sweetest shade. If you do not like the hot red color, you can consider this pink dial watch to show your lovely look.

Pink dial watch makes you look younger and energetic.

Wear different straps according to the mood of each day.

It gives you a whole new style! 

3. Tethys Purple Red Dial Collection: Tethys | Water Ripples Dial

Purple red is much different from the previous ones.

It looks maturer than others.

Elegant and exquisite.

Wear this one to be a confident and graceful lady with good taste.

Purple red is mysterious. It isn’t like the attractive wine red or the sweet pink.

You have to take some time to appreciate the beauty of the purple red.

They all have their own features. You just need to wear something red. And you will be full of power and energy.


Red is also the color of the fire and blood. That is pretty essential in our life. So everyone should pick your own amazing red.