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Does everyone have the same feeling?

When you grow up and get older, you find out that you spend less time with your family. And it is also hard to have a chance of going abroad together.

In my memories, the last time of going abroad with my family was when I was 6th grade.

I am the oldest child in my family. I also have a sister and a brother. My parents are busy taking care of us. Besides, I’m nine years older than my brother is.

When I got married, my brother was just a high school student.

And after a while, my sister is also married and lives abroad with her husband.


Because of that, it is more difficult to let all family members get together.

If we want to have a meal together, we all have to make an agreement one month in advance. Everyone has lots of things to do about work, family or school etc.


However, luckily, my families always try their best to arrange the schedule to spend time with each other. I think this is the most precious thing in my family.

Going abroad with the whole family is always a dream for me and my sister!

These years, I often travel around the world with my sister.

We took a lot of pictures and bought different gifts from different countries. I shared all kinds of things with my parents.

But my sister and I still want to take them to have a vacation in a foreign country.

Make them feel the exotic cultures.

And create awesome memories with us.

At first, we want to go to Italy because it is my mom’s favorite country.

Sadly, it will take longer time to go Italy.

 The working schedule of my dad and brother is also too hard to arrange.

So we give up the original plan.


Everything is possible if you want to do something.

We finally choose a place and time which is available for everyone.

That is Okinawa!

Here we go!


The family trip just starts.

Four days in Okinawa!

We plan lots of things such as food we want to eat, place we live, even two rented cars, and so on.




Send Mom the most thoughtful gift! 


This trip is the gift for all my family members. Moreover, I also bought a gold bracelet of Theodora’s for my mom.


It is actually from the Angel Gift Set:

Tethys Purple Red Water Ripples Dial Rose Gold Milanese Strap Watch & Bracelet Angel Gift Set for Women


I really like the design of the bracelet.

The bracelet is a Nereid 316L Stainless Steel Windows Pattern Bracelet.

I think that is pretty suitable for the white skin like my mom’s hand.

I believe that my mom also loves it though she doesn’t say anything.




I like their watches because the rose gold color strap is stylish and popular right now. Normally, the watch face color is black or white.

But I really love the colorful watch.

When I see the watch of this type, I know this is definitely the one I always want.

Special purple red with delicate rose gold strap is so elegant and confident.

What color is energetic and passionate?

It is exactly red!


And when I decided to buy the watch, it just had a special limited sale discount.

So I bought the watch and got a genuine leather strap for free.


In addition, every watch also has a one-year warranty, a free battery replacement and a 15-day free return.

Don’t forget to hold your parents’ hands to explore the world!

I just want to say that please do not forget the love of our parents.

When we grow up and become an adult, we seldom spend time with our parents.

When we were little, we might have lots of fights with them.

We don’t know why they do this or that to us.

Or we think our parents do not understand us.

But when we also become a mom or father, we know how great they are.

Being a parent is not easy. Raising a kid is not easy as well.

Always remember that what we are today, we owe it to our parents.


Because of them, we know how to love and be loved. You gradually understand the difficulties of being an adult.


Why not express your gratitude and love to them sometimes?

Take them to explore and travel the world.

The best gift

The name of Theodora’s comes from Greek word “Θεο+δώρα” [ijiːa], literally meaning “a gift from the god.”

This time, I went to Okinawa with my dear family. I got so many beautiful memories. The blue sky and clear green ocean with the elegant shiny watch is perfect. I really thank my family for giving me a chance of having a family vacation.

This is the best gift for summer in 2018.

Thank you Okinawa!

Thank you my family!

Thank you Theodora’s lovely products!



After mom seeing this article, she said, “Well, the watch in the gift set is yours, not mine? I thought that was also the gift you gave me.” Oops! So I just go to the website, Theodora's, to place another order for my mom lol.