After I got lots of good comments of the article of Hainan Island, I decided to write a new one for Bangkok.

When I went to Thailand, it was the time of the Songkran Festival.

I want to share all the outfits during the vacation and the different experience with you.

Most of the outfits were not dresses or skirts. I totally prepared 10 clothes for the vacation.


The reason I changed a lot was because that the weather in Thailand was really humid and hot!

And I met lots of sudden rain so I had to change my clothes.



On the first day, I chose to wear something comfortable and casual because I needed to take the airplane. When I arrived in Thailand, the temperature was about 35 degrees.

And I knew that I would have a chance to enjoy the Songkran Festival.

So I wore the tank top and wide-leg pants with a light shirt jacket in case I would feel cold on the airplane or at the airport.

Look Slimmer Tip: 

The shirt jacket I wore is with the drawstring-sleeve. I really like this kind of detail of design. It makes you look like an elegant lady.

Because I decide to go to the Songkran Festival, I choose wear something comfy and simple. I don’t think wearing jeans will be a good idea.When your jeans get touch with the water, it will become wet and heavy.


The wide-leg pants and the fitted top can be a great outfit.

Do not wear a loose top with loose bottom. Or you may look like a balloon.

The top flatters me a lot! Then you won’t look too fat.

And the wide strap top is really popular this year.

During the festival, you must have sunglasses.Or if your eyes get touch with the dirty water, you may feel uncomfortable and be infected by bacteria.


I choose the classic sunglasses for myself. I look awesome in them. It suits me well.


And the bag is waterproof. After all, we go there to have water fight.

Don’t forget to put your money, cellphone and passport into the Ziploc.




Today, we would go to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Maeklong Railway Market and Amphawa Floating Market. It was really hot and humid. So I picked the outfit which was comfy and light. And we might be splashed water by others the next day.


The v-shaped chiffon top with the bow cotton pants was my choice.

The material of the top and bottom both breathed well.


Look Slimmer Tip:

The v-shaped neckline can create a leaner, longer, and taller silhouette.

And the bow on the pants is delicate and adorable.

In order to make your legs look longer, you can show your ankle in wide-leg pants.


On a hot day, you should put on the hat and sunglasses.

Choose a suitable hat for you face to look flattering.


The sandals are also the necessary item. They are Steve Madden. I choose the color which is closed to the skin color.

I wear different colors of crystal and metallic bracelets. I highly recommend you buy this type of bracelet because it goes with all kinds of clothes and also becomes a necklace.


And the watch I pick is pretty simple and chic. It is from Theodora’s.Their watches always hit my heart.


I bring a waterproof light bag for this trip. It is easy to put all the things you need in it. The material is also light.


Moreover, matching the jazz straw hat with my outfit definitely makes your face look smaller and thinner.



Today, the festival was over. It was not allowed to splash water on each other. Finally, I could wear some beautiful clothes on a fresh and dry day.

Look Slimmer Tip:

I wore off-the-shoulder top to show my lovely shoulder and collarbone.

And of course I match it with wide-leg pants.

If you buy the fit and right jeans, you will look great and thinner. Of course, it is better to wear high-waisted pants. I still wear the same sandals. And the layering bracelet is not only fashionable but also casual. The colorful accessories make you stylish and help you complete the outfit.


I choose to wear in blue style. I also put on the sunglasses like Ray Ban.

The sun is scorching in Thailand. You must need a hat and perfect sunglasses.

Chic and useful! 


When we moved our hotel to the second one from the first one, Marriot, we all sweated.

So I changed my clothes and went shopping.


I picked an outfit which was cozy and lady style. The fitted top was not easy to match because its material was knitted fabric and chiffon.


Sometimes, the top may made your shoulder look wider.

If you were thinner and petite, it would be suitable for you.


Look Slimmer Tip:

If your body type is just like mine, I will suggest you cut the sleeve to make it shorter. And remember to match the right jeans then you will look prefect.

Choose the high-waisted pants to show your long legs.

Wide-leg pants and shoes with heels are a nice combination.

Show your ankle and look slimmer.

V-shaped top makes your face look thinner and longer.

The shoes I wear also complete the whole awesome outfit.

And I only wear one earring to catch others’ eyes.

It makes me prettier and more elegant.

With the Milanese strap watch and a big and graceful earring, I am confident, beautiful and stunning.  


Today, it was pretty hot in Bangkok. We lived in the wonderful hotel called The Salil Hotel. So we definitely took some beautiful photos.

I recommend you to see this hotel.

It was so pretty and lovely.

I bought a dress from Uniqlo which cooperated with Marimekko. I didn’t have a chance to wear it in Taiwan. So I chose to bring it to Thailand.


The cut and design of the dress was great! But probably the length of the dress was a little bit short for me. I might match it with wide-leg pants next time.

It made me stylish and looked thinner.