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Wear the small items for outfits

Although the watch is a small item, it helps you look better and outstanding in the crowd.


Just adorn your wrist with this pretty timepiece.

Even when you wear a simple T-shirt, it will elevate your outfit.


Do you want to know how to wear differently and fashionably?

This article collects all the posts of the popular blogger, Apple, for one week.

No mater you go shopping or hang out with friends, you all can wear properly and beautifully with a pretty watch!


Now, we are going to show you how to do it!


Wear the Theodora’s watch | The symbol of the goddess

Climbing stairs can also be like an elegant lady.

You can be the spotlight when you are in this Roland purple dress.

Also, do not forget to wear the straw hat and the exquisite watch.


Monday | No more blue and eat well

Pink yarn skirt and the beige top with Theodora’s watch can be the perfect outfit. You must catch others’ eyes in the café or the restaurant.


The big watch face will shine due to the light refection when you move your wrist. I believe lots of people will want to have a meal or talk with you.

Tuesday | Hang out and enjoy your life


The perfect walking dog outfit is right here!


Simple but stylish with this big size watch face.

It goes all kinds of clothes.

So easy and casual.


Wednesday | Go shopping for sure

Bring your bag and the elegant watch to go shopping!

Level up your sense of style!

Take lots of pictures to seize the moment.

Thursday | The girl-next-the-door look

Easy and comfortable outfit looks like the girl next the door.

Match your clothes with a delicate watch!

Be confident and beautiful!

Friday | Bestie’s tea time 

Wearing a dress must match some accessories or items to make it perfect.

If you don’t know what to put on, you can choose the Theodora’s watch to help you look pretty.

Saturday | Pink bubble time

When you go on a date, you definitely dress yourself stunning!
The floral dress and the eggshell white dial watch look so amazing on me!

Just take a photo to memorize this romantic moment! 

Sunday | Lazy and chill. Have a picnic with my family

It makes you feel like the one who goes on vacation.

The watch can match different kinds of clothes.

Minimalist style is the best choice!

Simple, natural and beautiful.

Additional one | Wear new clothe and be awesome! 

Everyone will be lovely and happy to wear new clothes.

The flower patterns on the dress make me stunning!

Also add the simple and chic Theodora’s watch!

I can’t help but smile and dance because of the awesome outfit! 


You can always take the good photos anytime and anywhere.

This picture is so gorgeous and wonderful.


Have you noticed that I actually wear the same watch in all outfits?

The perfect watch is suitable for all the clothes.
Apollo Chronograph Neutral White Dial Rose Gold Milanese Strap Watch


I recommend you choose different watches according to your skin color and clothing style.


Sometimes, you can change your straps to have a new watch look.

And you don’t have to buy many new watches.

In Theodora’s, find your perfect watch! 



Start a brand new day with the gorgeous watch!

Fashionable and beautiful!


Thanks for sharing by Apple