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An Ordinary Person's Unboxing - Give Myself a Gift

Recently, I just bought a watch for myself. I search lots of brands on the Net but I still could not find the one I like.

And I didn’t want to randomly buy a cheap watch of poor quality. It might be broken easily.

The watches that many bloggers recommended were too normal and common to wear. 


I kept hesitating which brand to buy. One day, I just scrolled on Facebook and saw the advertisement of Theodora’s.

The pictures of the brand were so beautiful. The watches were also in an affordable price.


I didn’t place the order right away since they did not own the physical store.

I was not sure about the reviews of the brand so I just googled it.

There were not too many review articles. However, the brand got some good comments. And the watches were all good-looking.

In the end, I just made up my mind and bought it.


The reason I write the article is that I got my order with satisfaction.

I wanna give some advice to you.

Do not worry too much!

You can trust me to buy the watch of Theodora’s.


I suggest you from the bottom of my heart lol.

I ordered the product on Thursday and received it on Sunday from 7-11.

When I opened the gift box, the watch just lied on the little pillow.
“Just want to give you the most beautiful gift,”said by the brand’s slogan.

It was really a wonderful and amazing gift.


At that time, I kept looking for a whole black watch.

I wanted it all black even the index on the dial.

I finally found it! This was actually the one I wanted in my mind.

I ordered this type: Hera Classic Neutral Black Dial Black Milanese Strap Watch.

It was wrapped perfectly in an exclusive box. The wrap was also the black style.

I really liked the design and the product!

Simple but chic!

I particularly loved the second hand!!!

It was so nice!

I also bought one another strap of brown crazy horse leather.

And there is a strap change tutorial video on the website.

You can do it by yourself!

It is a neutral style when I wear it.

Why do I say I just receive a truly amazing gift?

Because the wrap of the product is delicate and high quality.


I just bought it for myself but it is really great to send others as gift.


I got the product about in one to three days.

 It is pretty quick! 

If you have budget limit, this brand is your best choice!

And you don’t have to worry that you may wear the same watch with others.

You can actually choose different strap to match your watch.

To create a unique gift for yourself!


This time, I pretty satisfy with the purchase experience.

Moreover, there is a one-year warranty for every watch and the service of free battery replacement.

You can get instant customer service after you add our official account of LINE.

It is really sweet and nice about the post-purchase service.


Besides, you can also find other accessories on the website.

Just go to see it! 


Here is the website link:

>>>  THEODORA'S   <<< 



It goes with all the clothes!

Easy and chic!


- Part 2  -

Due to the last experience, I decide to buy another one to give my friend as a gift.

This time, I pick this one: Gaia White Embossed Dial Grey Genuine Leather Strap Watch


You can see the beautiful embossed pattern on the dial.

The watch is also smooth and elegant.

You can see the difference from the black one.

If you want, you can ask to change to other type of straps.

If you like this kind of style, I highly recommend you to buy the timepiece of Theodora’s.

Pick one special gift for your other half.

She or he definitely will feel loved and appreciated.   


From: Head the world / Original Source