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Watch can help you elevate your daily outfits in different styles.

With various types of watches, you can show all kinds of attitude.

All collections of Theodora’s were named after the Greek gods.
They all have beautiful, special or romantic stories.

With them, you can also write down your own wonderful stories. 




Theodora’s Story

Theodora comes from Greek word “Θεο+δώρα” [ijiːa], literally meaning “a gift from the god.”


 Theodora, an empress of Eastern Roman Empire, is also the angel of Emperor Justinian’s life. She is the one and only present to Emperor Justinian from God.

She is a brave, intelligent and beautiful independent woman. She resolutely pursues her goals and supports others’ dreams at the same time.


We hope that everyone who comes to Theodora’s will find out their own beauty and glamour just like the Empress Theodora.

Five collections of Theodora’s —

Hera, Apollo, Gaia, Venus, Tethys.


I pick three collections of them including Hera, Gaia and Apollo.

Hera is the most powerful goddess in Greek mythology.

Eggshell white dial with gray genuine leather strap is casual and simple.

I choose the light gray strap because the color matches all the outfits.

It also makes you look friendly but chic.

Whether you go on a date or hang out with friends, it all fits your simple T-shirt.
It is probably the most eye-catching part.

Besides, you can wear the off-the-shoulder top with this beautiful watch to make you look better.


Simple and clear dial in genuine leather strap with identical metallic color is quite exquisite and delicate.

Gaia is the goddess of Earth and the ancestral mother of all life.
The meaning of Gaia is Earth or land.

Minimalist style with embossed pattern is so mysterious!
I always want to have a watch in Milanese strap.
I finally owned it and made me extremely excited.

Rose gold Milanese strap is easy and elegant for any occasion.


It is a perfect match of the chiffon lace floral jumpsuit and the watch in summer.

I also like the size of the watch because it won’t be too big or small.

Like the collection of Hera, this one is more delicate. It is suitable for you to wear in formal occasion.


When you wear it in skirts or pants, they all look great!

Simple design with embossed pattern is really special.
You won’t regret it!

The watch featuring the Roman Numeral 12 is also the unique part.
It helps you show the elegant and generous style.


The gift set includes Apollo Chronograph Watch, a cuff and an interchangeable classic brown leather strap.


The cuff is 316L stainless steel. The 3-sub dials chronograph are for week, 24 hours and date.
For those functions, they are just like the symbols of sun, moon and star.


When you feel down, the watch will help you change the mood. Just smile! 


The name of Apollo also means that you can be protected from the god. It makes you feel you’ll gain strength from it. 



The gift set is highly recommended. You can pick any of them in your daily outfit.

Like today, I pick the black Milanese strap watch. 

This Apollo watch is stylish and elegant.
When you wear it, you can also match different bags or accessories.
It will be outstanding in the casual outfit and catch others’ eyes.


The collection is so useful and beautiful. The look is perfect for men or women! 

There are three crowns on the right of the watch.
The gradation of colors looks eye-catching.
Unisex and stylish, this collection is also a good choice for you.

Remember to see the video below! 

Article credit: Blaire Chen

From: Blaire Chen Facebook and Instagram.