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Every name is a blessing.
Every life is a new story.

Today we are going to introduce the story of Tethys collection.

Tethys water ripples dial watches are shiny and unique.
Be like the sea to discover the world.


Tethys is the fifth product that we’ve launched.

Still simple but eye-catching, the collection has water ripples on the dial like the real one.

The pattern on the dial makes you outstanding in the crowd.


In Tethys collection, there are two charming and amazing colors including purple red and dark blue.
The purple red is close to burgundy red. You can see the difference of red between Hera collection and Tethys collection.

And the dark blue is much brighter than the other ones which are like the midnight blue.

Tethys is the goddess of fresh water. She also had three thousand sons and three thousand daughters. Now they are all river and ocean gods.

Thus, Tethys becomes the symbol of the mother of rivers and oceans.

In this story, it makes the Tethys collection own a special meaning.

It means that you are a broad-mind and wise person.



Clean and pure water, it embraces everything.

Water is so strong.

Water is soft, yielding and powerful.

Powerful enough to wear away rocks.
Soft enough to cleanse you.

Without water, people cannot live in the world.

All life also needs water.
Water is indispensable and patient.

Water can die and live again.

Water is a human friend.

Tethys collection brings you a broad image.

It takes you climb the mountains and see the different world.

It will become your best partner to help you.

When you get lost, it will be there for you, no matter what.

With Tethys collection, you can go to chase your dream without fear.
Just adorn your wrist with this one to see the beauty of the world.

It makes you know that you will always get support from others.

Do what you want because you only live once.
Be like a sea, explore the world and enjoy the journey.

Wear it! Go abroad to broaden your horizons.
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