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Kyoto is the former capital city of Japan. It has a long history.

Every spot, bridge, or river has its own past and story.

These are also the charm of the city.


You can feel everything meaningful in Kyoto.

If you want to have a trip of “Walking Kyoto,”I recommend you go to these places such as Yasaka Shrine, Kiyomizudera Temple and Heian Shrine.



You can walk or take the bus to those spots.

It is convenient to buy a one-day bus ticket. a

Go! Take a trip in Kyoto.


This time, I wear Venus White Mother Of Pearl Dial Watch with orange brown genuine leather strap from Theodora's.

The reason I pick this strap is that it is classic and suitable for this historical place. The color also matches the Japanese wooden architecture style.

Make yourself enjoy the life in Japan.


The temple was founded in 778. And it has become one of the must-go places.

Even though now it is close for renovation, it still let lots of people climb up the hill to see this temple.


Besides, you can go to Sannenzaka Ninenzaka near the temple.

Just take many pictures to memorize the joyous moments.


You can wear the Japanese clothing, Wafuku, in the store around the Kiyomizudera Temple. Also wear the makeup and Japanese clog to leave your trace and have beautiful memories here.

Because of the renovation of the temple, we cannot see the real and whole look of the temple. It was covered by the black cloth and scaffold.

But if you think of it in a different way, it’s also lucky to see this look of temple right now.


Three-Storied Pagoda


There are so many pagodas in Kyoto. There is also one called Yasaka Pagoda near the Kiyomizudera Temple.


It is a good place to take pretty pictures.

Many people also come here to take their wedding pictures.


Yasaka Shrine is one of the most famous shrine in Kyoto.

You can see many Japanese traditional buildings here. 

You can write down your wish on the paper and put it into the rabbit.

And then write your name on the rabbit and put to the temple. 


Every rabbit has its own name on its body.

And it looks healing and adorable when rabbits are all put together.

The steps of praying at the Japanese shrine are also important.

Bow and ring the bell.

If you are not familiar with those steps, you can look at the tip from the shrine or do the things that others do lol.


Gion, Hanamikoji

Come here to walk every place and appreciate all the traditional houses and roads.

There is no skyscraper here.

Every building here is wooden architecture.

Tidy and good-looking.

You really can’t help but take lots of photos.


It is known for the giant torii gate and lots of attractive spots.

The shrine is very spacious with a wide open court at the center. 

The orange red look will impress you a lot.

And make you think about the tori gate.

It sells lots of local delicious food but most of them are for take-out.

So there is a place outside for you to sit and eat.

Japanese red chair and paper umbrella is so cute.

I also take the set of matcha to take the picture together.

Even the red bag is the Japanese style.

If I wear the wafuku and take this bag, it will be super great and lovely.

Don’t you think so?


Lots of people may wonder where I go at night.

Probably izakayas or some night spots.

However, the answer is nowhere to go.


I’m actually a homebody. And I travel alone.

So I seldom go out at night.

I just stay at the hostel and write the articles.

Besides, blogger is an occupation of keeping uploading lots of pictures and articles lol.


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