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The most perfect strap for summer must be it.
Light and comfy.
The Milanese strap is your first choice!

Create your own fresh summer look!

It is getting hotter and hotter.

You sweat easily even you just sit and do nothing not to mention going out on a blazing day.


When you hang out, you may feel like a melted ice cream.

You should choose the right outfits for different seasons.

Details matter even a watch!

Watches also have the seasonal choice!
On a scorching summer day, how to pick a suitable watch for yourself? 

Don’t worry.

We just recommend you to buy a watch with Milanese strap directly.


If you easily sweat, this Milanese strap is definitely your best partner.

Leather may cause damage if it gets touch with water.

But the Milanese strap won’t get bad smells easily like the leather one.

You can say that Milanese strap is good for four seasons.

Especially the time of spring and summer, the weather is not only hot and wet but also changeable. 

The feature of the Milanese strap is cool, special and smooth.

Shiny and glittering.

Comfortable and stylish.

All give you a glorious and shimmering style.

Clear and elegant.

You can wear it with a unique and outstanding look.

We offer two kinds of Milanese strap in Theodora’s.

Rose gold Milanese strap is eye-catching and delicate.

Make you charming and glamorous!


Black Milanese strap is handsome and exquisite.

Get a fashionable and silky look!


Owing a Milanese strap is just like eating a bowl of salad in a hot summer day.

It feels so good and fresh!


The irresistible glamour of the watch is the one you must get!

Men or women all look great with them.

  Accompany you to go out in anytime and anyplace.


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