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Every name is a blessing.
Every life is a new story.

Today we are going to introduce the story of Gaia collection.

Gaia, the goddess of Earth, the mother of all life.
“Born with beautiful appearance is my fate, live brilliantly is my ability."

 Gaia collection collection is one of the second released products of Theodora’s.
There is unique embossed pattern on the dial of Gaia collection watch.
Because it was spring when Gaia collection released, therefore, there are many pastel colors in this collection.

Except the basic white and black dials, the most special dial color is pink.
This color is like the blossom flowers in the spring,
They’re all over the tree, create a red atmosphere. 

Sometimes, they fall down to the earth, adding a romantic color to this season.
Wearing it is like wearing a flower, beautiful but not too ostentatious.


Gaia is the goddess of earth in Greek Mythology.

You could say she is the mother of all gods in Greek Mythology and all human beings.

If there’s no Gaia, there are no us.

That’s the reason why sometimes the westerners would also call the Earth “Gaia”.

Naming this series of watch Gaia is because the unique embossed pattern on the dial is like the pattern of earth, also like the highness of the mountains and like the beauty of blooming flowers.

Everyone has a different value and definition of beauty, the unique qualities you born with are all the gifts from God,

and the fingerprints left by the angels.


You cannot change the appearance you born with, but you can change what you look like in the future.


Be the one you expect yourself to be.

The mother of earth, Gaia, represents the beginning of life, and also represents the birth of this watch.

Gaia is a natural beauty, and she brings many beautiful elements to this world.

Just like everyone has their own unique beauty when they were created. 


Hope the one who owns this watch is a person who not only loves the pretty exterior of this watch,

but also a person who can bring more beautiful and surprising things to this world.

The charm of Gaia, worth for you to sense patiently.

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