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Be the Sunshine to Protect You──Apollo

Every name is a blessing.
Every life is a new story.

This article is going to introduce the naming story of Theodora’s Apollo Collection.

Apollo, the god of sun and light, shiny and glorious.

“Walk before you in the edge of darkness to lead the sunlight for you.”

Apollo collection was released at the same time with Hera Series,

the difference is that Apollo is a 3-eye sub chronograph watch.

The functions of the chronograph are displaying week, date and 24-hour,

It’s functionally practical and the exterior of Apollo watch is also really chic.

Just like its name, Apollo is the God of Light in Greek Mythology,

also the God of Sun in Roman Mythology, he holds a golden ball on his left hand which symbolized the sun.

He has a handsome appearance, and he’s the symbol of light, you can’t find any darkness in him.

The 3-eye sub design of Apollo chronograph collection  watch is like 3 shiny suns,

And also like the twinkle stars in the sky.

Therefore, we give this watch an important meaning, that’s “Warm”.

We expect Apollo watch is a watch which can bring warm sunshine to you.

The sunshine and light will help you find a way out in the darkness,

Help you go through a misty forest.

When you feel down, he’ll always be by your side.

Apollo collection is a watch can bring you light and warmth,

It’ll become the wings when you’re down, also the moon and stars in the dark night.

Having an Apollo watch is like always having a sun by your side,

The detail is delicate, but the exterior is tough.

It looks more spontaneous while wearing.

Just wear it to accompany you exploring the world fearlessly.

The protection of Apollo, Worth everyone’s good grace.

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