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Every name is a blessing.
Every life is a new story.

Today we are going to introduce the story of Hera collection.

Hera, Queen of the gods, Pure and Elegant

“Don’t compare yourself with others, because you’re the one and only in this world.”

Hera collection is the original design of Theodora’s watch in the very beginning.

The simple design doesn’t have many decorations,

It purifies the watch to the simplest style.


Let the time be seen in the simplest way.

The exterior of Hera watch is plaint,

you might have seen some watches with familiar design.


Just like people in this planet, someone looks alike with others,

They have same noses, mouths, hands or same body structures,

Or they even were born by the same parents, have the same DNAs.

However, they all have different destinies and vocations in their life.


Even a normal looking watch would have different meaning because of the difference of its owner.

The simpler thing has a deeper meaning in it.

Simplifying is in order to highlight the essential quality.

Dispense the ostentatious decoration,

and embrace the simplicity is our original intention.

Go back to the start, restart from zero.

The joy of our development from scratch, Hera is the start of Theodora’s.

Hera is also our initial resolution we want people to see.


Hera is the Queen of Gods in Greek Mythology,

She’s the most powerful and influential woman among all gods, she symbolizes the nobility.

You might be curious why we choose such a superior name to name the simplest design watch.

There’s no other reason, because Hera is the uniqueness in normality.

Just like you, you might be ordinary in a crowd of people,

But to your loved ones, you are the one and only,

For them, you’re the shiny Queen in their eyes.

If you have no idea which watch to choose in Theodora’s,

Just starts with Hera collection!

We believe it will accompany you to find the one who sees your beauty.

Hope you find the unique Hera in you, and live out the extraordinary YOU.

Travel along with Hera, be the one that everyone looks up to.
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