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This is the first month in 2019. I am still so busy lol.

Probably I am a workaholic and a Taurus.

I always try to plan lots of things and be a female super hero lol.

Today, we’re going to show you an unboxing video.

Please do remember to choose the HD mode.

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Thank you! 

Though I have wrote lots of articles, I think Theodora’s is the most ideal brand so far.

And the price of the watch is really affordable.

The color of the watch is also beautiful!


When I see the high-quality and adorable product, I am so excited and surprised.

Every time, when I bought something online, I always worried how to wrap the product to send others as a gift.

But after receiving the product from Theodora’s, I do not have that kind of problem.


Each product of Theodora’s has its own gift wrap.

They are wrapped the order properly.


Theodora comes from Greek word “Θεο+δώρα” [ijiːa], literally meaning “a gift from the god.”

The collections from Theodora’s are all the names of the gods.

I’m going to share this on with you: Poseidon Collections

Watch case diameter: 4 cm


Women watches

Watch dial color: wine red (Isn’t it cool?)

Strap color: Milanese rose gold


Men watches

Watch dial color: black

Strap color: black


Poseidon is the god of sea.

He is also the brother of Zeus and Hades.


I’m a woman whose head is pretty small.

And I really like the big size watch face.


The watches of Theodora’s are simple and chic so they are suitable for all kinds of clothes.


You can see every detail of the product.

It is really great! 

Recently, the Milanese strap is back in fashion again.

If you like to collect all the rose gold accessories, you should pick the rose gold strap.


The Poseidon collection is quite nice!

The 2-sub dial watch brings you convenience and happiness.



The function of the Countdown Timer is convenient!

The upper one is for seconds.

The lower one is for minutes.


Women who wear this type of watch is cool and stylish!

Absolutely the one you must pick!

Please at least collect one big size watch in your life.


The larger watch face will also help your wrist look thinner.


My rose gold Milanese strap matches my Cartier ring a lot!

I admitted that the color is hard to control at first.

Then I saw the photos on the website and changed my mind lol.

After receiving the watch, I think it is really beautiful and awesome!


The wine red dial with the Milanese rose gold strap is a perfect combination.

Elevate your outfits without doubt!


On that day, we celebrated the birthday of my boyfriend’s sister in THAI J.

I wore the watch as well.

But at that time, I changed into the leather strap.


Theodora's|Oread Red Double Genuine Leather Bracelet for Women

The accessory is adorable!


And the price is inexpensive and lovely!

You can also buy the extra strap.


I choose the light brown crazy horse leather.

Although the Milanese strap is quick release design, I still love the genuine leather.

It is classic and warm.


And when you wear the sweater with the crazy horse leather watch, you look pretty and stylish!


You don’t have to worry how to match the watch because it goes with all types of clothes.

The leather may have different pattern because of the time or the use.

Do not worry it will damage easily.

The longer you wear the leather strap, the more stylish it becomes.

I fall in love with the crazy horse leather strap.

So stunning!

The price is also affordable!

If you don’t get it, you may regret it lol! 

The change of the strap is very easy.

You can definitely do it by yourself.

  1. You can see the share of the video.
  2. Each strap has the tutorial video on Theodora’s website.

Click here!


The neutral watches are the best choice for you!

Also, you can change your strap into the crazy horse leather strap.

Wear the watch with your boyfriend and husband.

Simple watch dial collection is the most suitable for daily outfits.

Easy and chic!

This watch is a good value!

So I choose to share with you!


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Poseidon | Chronograph