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Wear the exclusive couple items for your love.

This is the second time that I cooperate with them.

Every time, I am always happy to share and introduce their watches.

I recommend my friends and family buy their watches because I think the price is affordable and high-quality.


Office girls can easily purchase their products. 


Now I’m going to introduce the story of this brand.

The name of Theodora comes from the empress of Eastern Roman Empire in 5th century. She is the one and only present to her husband, Emperor Justinian, from God. Thus, the name of Theodora literally means “a gift from the god.”

Also, it hopes that customers can pick a precious gift for others.


Here is the article I wrote last time.

If you’re interested in it, you can go to see it.



Strictly, I love wearing watches. I have owned more than ten watches in my house. They are from department stores or Korean stores.

I will keep looking for different colors and types of watches.

In order to match the outfit, I will change the watch I wear every day.

And the timepieces of Theodora’s are pretty good to fit my outfit in all kinds of occasions.

The watch I shared before is still my favorites.

I love it so much.

I even recommend my bestie buy one!


This time, I want to share their couple watches for Valentine’s Day.

The Valentine’s Day is coming.

But you don’t know what to give.

Then now I will give you some great ideas of gifts.


Hebe Skin Pink Square Dial & Zeus Chronograph Dark Blue Dial Milanese Strap Watches with 2 Bracelets Pandora Gift Set


First, I unbox this beautiful gift set.

And it is not very expensive!

It is worthy buying this gift set including couple watches and couple bracelets.

The combination of square watch and round watch surprises me a lot.

Normally, the gift set will be the same type of watches.

However, I really like the new idea of mixing two kinds of watches.

The couple watches in this gift set are all Milanese straps.

They are still a little different.

And they are suitable for couple like me and my hubby.

I like to collect all the types of watches especially those I haven’t had yet. The square watch for women is the one! So I am very excited to get it.

The couple bracelets with watches are so gorgeous.

As you can see, bracelets for men and women are different.

Moreover, you will also get this lovely card.

So sweet!

You can write down your feeling to your other half.

Hebe Skin Pink Square Dial Rose Gold Milanese Strap Watch


If you haven’t had a lover, you can still buy only one watch for yourself.

Everything is on sale right now.


Or you can also buy the gift set first and wait for your one and only appearing in the future lol.

Add the bracelet with the watch!

Make you look stunning!

Beautiful and high-quality!

The rose gold color attracts others a lot.

And it is suitable for girls whose skins are yellow.

It is pretty eye-catching!

Zeus Chronograph Neutral Dark Blue Dial Black Milanese Strap Watch



This one for men is also good!

The dark blue dial with black Milanese strap looks handsome and decent.

If your husband or boyfriend gets this one, he will be joyous!


Like my husband, his clothes are black or gray color.

He doesn’t have too much colorful clothes.

So this type of timepiece is the best choice for him.


Here is the photo when we wear the couple watches.

Although there is a black dial watch for women, I still love the one in rose gold color.


Let time prove the love.

Hold each other’s hand until the end of the world.

If you don’t know what to give, you have to pick this one!

Actually my husband seldom shows up in my articles.

He doesn’t like to take pictures or selfies.


I am really touched that he decided to help me and took photos with me.

Apollo Chronograph Wine Red Dial Rose Gold Milanese Strap Watch & 1 Strap & Eve Bracelet Pandora Gift Set


And this one is also great!

Like birthday gift for friends.


I can own a watch, a strap and a bracelet at the same time.

Wine red dial watch is so attractive and mysterious.

If you want to stand out in the crowd, you can choose this.

Red color creates the unique style! 

If you want to adjust your strap, you can see the instruction on the website.

It also has the full tutorial video.




Here is the link.

In this gift set, you own another strap.

It is just like you have two different watches.


Just change the strap of watch then create a new look.

The watches are quick release design.

You can also see it below.

The brand also offers you a small tool! 

You will also get a tutorial card with your product.


Theodora’s is so sweet!

It tries its best to offer the best service for customers.


It makes a wonderful combination of the watch and the bracelet.

You definitely should have one.

The pendant of the bracelet is adorable and delicate.

I can’t help but take lots of pictures of the watch.

The red watch with a red bracelet makes you look special.

And it creates the tone to tone style.

If you haven’t bought the watch of Theodora’s before, you can consider the Apollo Collection.


They are elegant and useful.

The 3-sub dial is just like the sun, moon and stars.

With it, it will elevate your spirit and moon every day. 


Stylish and cool!

I really like it.

Wine red dial hits my heart!


Besides, the watches of the gift sets are all sold separately.

You can go to check it on the website.

You must find the one you want! 


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