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Poseidon|Ruler of winds and waves

Pick a delicate watch of Poseidon,
The waves are roaring; the world is waiting for us to explore.

Poseidon Chronograph watch has big and round dial design, there are functional 2-eye sub chronograph and a display of the date on the dial.

There are 5 colors of watch in Poseidon Series, black, white, blue, red and pink, the Theodora’s mark is on the left hand side,

this design is different from before. Poseidon watch is visually harmonic, shiny and eye-catching.

Poseidon watch is functionally practical, its look is eye-catching, but still gender neutral, it’s suitable for both men and women.

As long as you put it on, your vigor would become massive and strong.

Poseidon Series is named after the god of the sea and storm, Poseidon,

he’s the older brother of Zeus, he has endless vitality and power.

Poseidon could be either tough and gentle, affectionate and romantic.

In Greek Mythology, his image is fickle, temperamental and one of the most emotional gods.

The look of this watch is like Poseidon, it has an imposing and strong vigor.

You’ll be eye-catching while you put on this watch in any occasion, it’s both decent and fashionable.

This watch can highlight your smart outfits; if you wear a fancy or formal outfit today,

this watch could also bring you more confidence.

Wearing this watch is just like owning the fearless and passionate spirit of Poseidon,

not afraid to love or to hate, could be either tough and gentle.

This watch could bring you endless vitality and make your life more prolific.

Accompany you explore this changing world.

Both the look and function of Poseidon watch are as good as the 3-eye sub chronograph watch’s;

highly recommend to you.

Follow the waves of Poseidon, engulf all the attentions in the world.

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