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Right now, time is the most important thing! Time can change anything. It’s time to make things in your mind truly happen,

it’s time to jump out of the comfort zone, it’s also the time to seize every moment of your life.

Carpe diem, you only live once, we always say that “Time flies”, and want to go back to the joyful moment.

Now, allow me to introduce a watch brand-- Theodora’s




its origin is a Greek word Θεο+δώρα” which means  “a gift from God”.

Theodora was a beautiful Queen of the Eastern Roman Empire, a brave, independent, decisive, intelligent and amusing woman.

Theodora, gave Emperor Justinian strength when he was facing all the obstacles. 

Therefore, our brand chose to name after her. "Theodora's"  was established in 2017.

Theodora's is a Taiwanese brand.

We hope the dearest you could also find your shiny and unique gift of life in Theodora’s,  

Just like the destiny made Emperor Justinian and Theodora be the most important gifts of each other's life.


Hera Wine Red  –

Being a red addicted, how can you miss this passionate and classic wine red dial with red leather strap?

The simple design makes you control the time in your hand.

The beautiful reflection of the light on the dial demonstrate the shiny sparkle of the world.

Just wear this one and only watch! Let everyone see your sparkling side!

You can match with bracelet to create a different style.

Hera Classic Neutral Black –The simple design of black dial matching with black Milanese strap, the light and smooth wearing experience and the consistency of staid color bring a sharp look unprecedentedly.

Poseidon Skin Pink Simple and classic design is suitable in any occasion, matching with Milanese strap can go with any outfit.

The skin pink of the dial is not too nude and not too pink, it’s just perfect.

In addition, the strap can adjust freely by yourself and interchangeable. It’s really a high-quality gift.


Apollo Chronograph 

Bluish green chronograph dial matching with black Milanese strap makes you decent and stylish,

you can easily catch others’ eyes by wearing this watch. This elegant watch definitely can highlight your outfit, and makes you look better.

The crazy horse leather is made by a full grain leather cowhide surface applying a special kind of wax. The leather directly dyed with colors and has natural color changes and its shade gives it the antique, vintage appearance. Blue and black crazy horse leather strap present a matte touch of the surface naturally, Some people may be allergic to the leather or the leather dye. In that case, you can choose the genuine leather or the Milanese one.


Hera Classic

Hera is the Queen of gods, pure and elegant. This watch is white dial matching with brown genuine leather strap which is a classic and perfect match. This watch can match with any kind of outfit and accompany you passing everyday daily life. This watch demonstrates the purity and profundity of time. Pick an irreplaceable gift, and seize the time that would never come back. 


  • Dark Blue – Hera dark blue dial with black Milanese strap is a smooth and staid match. Just like an ocean reflecting the starry sky, the darker the prettier. When the stars come out far away in the sky, the dark night becomes more romantic.
  • Black – The simple black dial with black Milanese strap, it's very smooth and comfy to wear. The consistency of black, brings a sharp and smart look unprecedentedly.
  • White Dial – Hera white dial with light grey genuine strap is very suitable in daily life, the true affection is showing simply. This comfortable wearing watch presents frankly your kindness and friendliness.
  • Shimmering Silver White – Hera shimmering white dial with rose gold strap, it is light and comfy to wear.The golden glitters shine like a noble, every move you make is shining confidently.
  • Zeus White with Dark Brown Strap – Zeus skin pink dial matching with rose gold Milanese strap is an elegant and classic design.



Your appearance and outfit represent your accomplishment and personal trait.

Thus, pick a watch which matches your outfit. Own an elegant and snazzy watch to fit the best outfit of the best you.