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Besides black, white and grey, 7 classic colors of Theodora’s watch you must have!

Which color of watch do you want to wear today? Black, white, red, blue, green, purple and yellow are all in Theodora’s.

We provide various of colors for you to choose from, you could change different colors according to your outfit and your mood.

Next, We are going to introduce these 7 color of Theodora’s watches.



1. Classic black, uniquely beautiful in a subtle way

Vintage black of simplicity, it’s a watch color that everyone must have.

No matter what kind of style your outfit is, it could be stylish spontaneously in a subtle way, it also gives you a hipster style.

About the strap, except choosing a black strap consistently, orange brown is also highly recommended,

the street style match of contract colors gives black dial more lively trait, become a different style. 


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2. Simple White, fall in love with the purity of simplicity.

Simple and pure white can bring you a sophisticated grace, it reveals a fresh and unique aura anytime.

White, the simplest kind of beauty, it makes your mind in a peaceful state;

it helps you finding back the real you and gives you a profound and eternal companion.

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3. Tempting wine red, that’s the watch color that every woman must have.

The tempting wine red makes you have more feminine charm; you will be the most eye-catching one in any occasion.

Matching with genuine leather strap is highly recommended, it could make red dial more passionate.

Matching with rose gold Milanese strap is more tender and elegant, recommend you to match with accessories.

If you want to be the most eye-catching one, you couldn’t miss this wine red dial watch.

Every move you make is amazingly beautiful while wearing it.


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4. High-quality dark blue, the warmest color

Dark blue is the warmest color, it represents wisdom and spirit, and it has vast profundity.

When you put it on, it’d feel like a warm embrace.

For the one who want to be subtle but unique, just let this dark blue watch encourage you every moment.

Dark blue dial matching with dark brown strap has a warm amber woody tone.

If it matches with dark blue strap, it becomes more stylish and trendy.


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5. Bluish green, the peaceful and tranquil beauty

The peaceful and tranquil bluish green is definitely the color you don’t want to miss;

whether matches with black strap or brown strap, it has different kind of beauty.

Just like a peaceful lake reflecting the sky in a forest, tranquil and profound.

If you want to purchase a watch this year, it would be the best choice! Recommend to you although it’s often out of stock.

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6. Mysterious purple, hallucinated color of mystery 

This blue purple is especially for those who like special color, it looks very characteristic to wear

The hallucinated aura and the neon color are like the aurora in a dark night.

It looks stylish in any angle while wearing. Blue purple can perfectly stress your unique sense of fashion.


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7. Skin pink: The fascinating color is prettier than sunset.

This is the color of watch that fits the skin tone of Asian mostly.

This skin pink is between nude and light pink, it’s suitable for everybody.

Under the sunshine, the dial would sparkle fascinatingly. 

This tender color is like the sunshine of twilight, the warm and gentle color has an incredible attraction that nobody can resist.


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Theodora’s selection of 7 perfect colors of watch,

let the timepiece make your life more colorful and joyful, and make your outfit more stylish.

Let’s find a treasure, collect all these mysterious and beautiful watches



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