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The sharing of irresistible, the good value gifts

There are too many holiday in a year, do you have no idea about which gift to send on holidays?

Today we select our customers’ sharing on the gift they received or purchased, no matter it’s birthday gift, anniversary gift or Valentine’s day gift, just shop in Theodora’s! Let’s see which gift they’ve purchased.

Whether purchase one watch or two watch, there are always a delicate box to give the best protection of the watch. It also comes with a fine paper bag, and it would be perfect to send as a gift. It’s convenient that You don’t need to buy a bag for the gift you want to send.

White and skin pink dial watches are the most classic choice, they fit all kinds of outfits and skin tones. They won’t darken the complexion while wearing. 

Apollo chronograph wine red dial watch is eye-catching, very suitable for women to wear. You’d look more charming while wearing. The person who receive this gift would be so touched. It also comes with a silver polishing cloth for free, then you could do the daily maintenance by yourself, let the watch accompanies you longer. It’s just like your relationship, would never be separated.


The Bluish Green and wine red chronograph dial watches is colorful and classy. The 3-eye sub is like sun, moon, and star, they protect bravely of each other, it’s meaningful and the glitter of the dial is truly beautiful.

Theodora literally means “the gift from God”, it’s full of blessing sending as a birthday gift.

All series of watches is so classy and the colors of the watches is so beautiful. They make people want to buy them again and again, and select all colors of the watches as a series collection.

The Recommendation:Apollo collection-Blue Purple Dial 

You could reward yourself a gift on an ordinary day.

Working hard for so long, always remember to reward yourself.

The Recommendation:Apollo collection-Black dial

This black watch is also classic; the simple design can show your characteristic clearly. Compare with other foreign brands watches, Theodora is a Taiwanese watch brand, the average price of our watches is more affordable. The price is around USD58, and there are also gift sets released on holidays is more worthwhile.

The Recommendation:Angle Gift Box

There are even gifts for baby, give the new-born baby a gift from the God. Let the time connect the whole family, it’s so romantic.

Wear this parent-child bracelets(Purchase link)we’re family from now on.

Who do you want to send gift to today?

No matter it’s anniversary or celebrating for yourself, sending a timepiece to other is a romantic and precious promise. The watches will accompany your loved one even if you’re not there by their sides.

Don’t hesitate anymore, just let the timepiece record every memory with you, Theodora’s ready!

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