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【Watches recommendation】5 classic “ I become more charming when I put the watch on” watches, true feedback & comments from the customers.

One day, one of our customer messaged us privately.

Therefore, the editor came up with an idea that list the top 5 most popular Theodora’s watches among male customers for you. Whether you want to tell your true feeling to someone you love secretly or a gift for boyfriend or yourself, just consider our recommendation, it couldn’t be wrong! Those classic “ I become more charming when I put the watch on” watches are all in the list, Just keep reading!

Hera classic series dark blue dial with black Milanese strap, the simple design is so classic. The watch matches a gentleman-like nice suit, gorgeous but doesn’t too cheesy, perfectly makes your outfit more stylish. The most important is that the price is affordable, is about $60 dollars, you could be fashionable without spend too much money.

Changing the strap into a black genuine leather one, still simple but adding a cool leather style. For men, blue and black represent their charms and fit all kinds off clothes; it’s low-key but not rigid and it could demonstrate their unique good-sense of fashion.

Men wearing a chronograph watch just look attractive, whether the look or the functions of a chronograph watch is very suitable for all types of men. Apollo is the god of the sun. Therefore, the Apollo Chronograph Watch series has a warm meaning and quality, you would be more charming and become a heart-warming guy immediately.  

All black chronograph watch is also one of the most popular watch among the male customer. Black matches all kinds of outfit, could be formal and casual at the same time. If you say blue is warm and unique; black is cooler and handsome, both of them are popular among men.

Black is simply cool and attractive. This popular watch is suitable for both men and women. The dial is matte black design, it’s very low-key, simple but cool, everyone would love it!

Blue and black could be seemed as the best choice for men, they are fitting all kinds of outfits and different kinds of men. No matter you are a yuppie gentleman or a heart-warming decent man, you could be more charming simply by wearing a nice watch!