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The 3 Gentlemen Blue Watches Can Find Back the Profundity of Time

Blue is the warmest color; it can match with outfits of all seasons.

The blue watch is suitable for both men & women, and it also looks low-key & unique.

It’s warmer and more charming than a black watch. For whom want to have a high-class look, don’t miss these 3 dark blue watches,

sense the profundity of time from a gentlemen blue watch. 

The simple design dial could highlight the glow of dark blue,

it’s just like the profound & tranquil midnight blue in a dark night which makes people want to take a second look of it.

Match it with a bracelet or a pair of sunglasses, then you could go out fashionably.

It also looks stylish with casual outfits; it looks more charming under the sunshine and its price is affordable.

Highly recommend new customers to buy this watch. It makes you become a trendy hipster when hanging out on weekends.

Apollo 3-eye chronograph design makes this watch not only has a stylish look but also has practical functions.

Compared to the simplicity of Hera’s, Apollo chronograph watch look more superior. Makes you look more like a stylish gentleman.

3. Poseidon 2-eye Chronograph Dark Blue Watch

Dark blue 2-eye chronograph watch design looks simple but bright with the logo on the side.

Many male customers love this perfect blue watch, it looks mighty, stable and handsome. It can bring out the classy quality of a simple outfit.

Matching with black strap or bracelet is also stylish.

This warm color watch is loved by not only men but also women.

These 3 watches of Theodora’s are suitable for both men & women;

female customer could send it to your boyfriend or you could wear it by your own.

It’s worthwhile and practical, recommend to you.

After seeing so many pictures of dark blue watches, shop now if you like it!

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