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【Zeus Watch Story】Reveal Your King’s Aura with Timepieces: Zeus Chronograph Watch Series. A Simple & Worth-Collecting Watch of the Year.

The Zeus Chronograph series, one of Theodora’s Chronograph series, adapts dials of an independent second-hand design, composed with a date-displaying function.

Compared to the complex operation of other watches, the Zeus chronograph series is light and comfortable, getting gorgeous class. The Zeus series is a great deal for chronographs.

The colors of the five dials have their own fittest style.

I recommend the matte black of the Zeus series.

The extreme matte black veils the Zeus series with a sense of mystery, demonstrating the demeanor of a king. 


This watch series is in the name of Zeus.

Zeus is the supreme god in ancient Greek myth.

It is believed that Zeus saved his brothers and sisters out of his father’s body; then, Zeus revived his brothers and his sisters.

Experiencing a war for more than a decade, Zeus brought peace to the world.

Living on Mount Olympus, Zeus is the god of the universe and the symbol of justice.


Instead of having an eye-catching appearance, the matte black Zeus radiates an unobtrusive aura.

The unique aura is so elegant that it keeps the legend alive, just as Zeus’s aura surrounds you silently.

The independent second-hand design is unmatched, walking with authority. Zeus’s Every step looking so attractive

If the matte black Zeus combines with a silver accessory, it will embellish a primary feature of matte black.

Things get simpler, the possibilities are more. Objects which look easier, their essences may be more complex, such as the Matte

Zeus creates his own legend. So do you.

The King’s Heart is the unyielding determination on your mind.

You don’t need to be perfect.

Nevertheless, you should dare to stand out to be outstanding.

I hope everyone can find a place which you belong to in this complicate world.

Savoring plain but profound beauty of the Zeus series, only those who have experienced storms understand How precious the simplicity would be.

Trust yourself. Every step makes you more extraordinary. With Zeus chronograph series on you, Theodora will accompany with you to reveal your king’s aura in the currency of time.


The simple and unobtrusive charisma emphasizes the king’s aura of yours.

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