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【Featured Watches】Bluish Green Goes Viral! A Unique Gloss of This Stunning Square Watch Shines Like a Gem and Brings the Extraordinary Beauty to You.

One of the selling points of the Hebe square Bluish-green watch, the design of a square case, not only displays its feature but also portrays the innate attraction.

The appearance is simple. However, elegance is not lessened at all. 

With romantic and personalized style, no matter where You stay, you will radiate the exclusive beauty.

The unique gloss sparkles like a gem, showing you low-key but extraordinary delicacy.


To separate from the ordinary living ways, all you need is a single item. This watch will make you in a good mood Like having your own a little happiness.

Hebe will shuttle with you from daily life to any occasion. Even dressing up unobtrusively, you are shining like a diamond. Fashion should be seamless. 

Each scene in which you participate is a masterpiece, with the square bluish-green watch wearing on your wrist.

One of the top choices for a strap is a black strap. The other is rose gold strap, decorated with a touch of brightness.

I may suggest that you make personal OOTD with a bracelet you prefer.

The color matching, black and rose gold, create the harmonious aura.

For casual or formal occasions, this bluish-green square watch embellishes your beauty with unbelievable gloss.

To make our customers purchase without worries, all products on THEORDOA’s website are guaranteed a free return within 15 days and a one-year warranty.

Even though we still don’t own any physical store, our customers can purchase without difficulties.

In a New year, how about making yourself chic and romantic by putting on a square Bluish-green watch?

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