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【Featured Watches】Bluish-Green Is Invincible! The Best Four Style for Clothes Matching. Dark Brown and Orange Brown Become Must-Have Styles.

The popularity of Bluish keeps on fire. People have a lively discussion on the website.

Apollo Bluish-Green Watch Series—the deep and mysterious color make the masses fall at love at first sight.

This Bluish-Green watch series is a must-have item for fashion of the year.

Nevertheless, if you want to create your style, don’t forget the crucial step about changing your watch strap.

Theodora’s watch straps are all quick-release design. You can change your watch strap without effort.

Choosing straps with different colors for seasons and preference, you can put on a colorful “outfit” for your watch, being handsome or beautiful forever.


Recommend: Apollo Bluish-Green Chronograph-Dark Brown Genuine Leather

Matching with a dark brown genuine leather strap, it makes bluish green look so chic!

The color which is similar to chocolate strengthens the harmonious and firm charm of a bluish-green watch.

This match never messes up your outfit no matter which season you are in.

With Orange-brown Genuine leather strap, the color lights up bluish green. Orange-brown genuine leather straps fit for those who enjoy vivid colors.

Occasionally changing the tone of colors will make you more energetic.


Recommend: Apollo Bluish-green Square Chronograph-Deep Brown Oil Tanned Leather Strap

With a dark brown Oil leather strap, the chronograph is upgraded by a thick leather texture, filled with the natural style.

The style looks like walking out of a forest. The chronograph with oil leather strap make you mysterious. Besides, you will gain a British stylish look.


Recommend: Apollo Bluish-green Square Chronograph-Light Brown Oil Tanned Leather Strap


Light brown is a proper color to catch most people’s sight.

Used to decorate the bluish green, an oil tanned leather makes your wrist brighter. No matter who will understand the value of natural leather.


Different angles create unique beauty. Wearing any preferred accessory, your elegance will be brighter

Recommended accessory: Oread Titanium Steel Magnetic Genuine Leather-Female-Dark Brown

With the season changing, come and have a new outfit for your bluish-green chronograph!

That will make your style more refreshing

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