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【Sincere Voice】Take Theodora's to Travel with You! This Entry Lux is So Chic. Absolute a Good Deal for Valentine’s Day.

Hello, I am Yvonne. I have waited for a long time to get this fine watch of Theodora's. The name of Theodora originates from Greek, which means god’s gift. As a great number of its series, Yvonne got so dazzled to make a choice. I was browsing my present for a wedding anniversary. However, I just couldn’t determine which to buy until My friends recommended Theodora to me. Theodora’s watches are of good value.

Compared to equal or better quality of other brands, my favored basic styles in Theodora cost 1/3 less than other brands’ products. Then, I opt for two watches that fit all outfits and never be tired of as my gift. As soon as I had received the orders, I fell in love with these babies. Yvonne sincerely recommends Theodora’s entry lux watches for you guys. Now, I gonna travel with these two babies. 

This Watch, Hera Eggshell White Dial-Milanese Strap, is from Angel gift package-Eve & baby set. From the look of the black box, it creates a touch of mystery. There are silver polishing cloth, a warranty card, and instructions for strap adjustment. The neutral style makes me too reluctant to let it go. (Link)

This one is Apollo Genuine Leather Chronograph(L)-White Dial-Red Genuine Leather. I dreamed to take pictures with a neat watch for my outfit. Thus, I choose a glittering red watch strap for this chronograph. This baby in the box looks so photogenic. (Link)

From right to left, the Apollo chronograph displays the date in the way of week, date and 24-hour clock. Yvonne thinks that the large case looks noble. Gentlemen or ladies don’t matter. This neutral watch just suits you.

On the other hand, Hera is a classic series, which fits in people who try to make their outfit the first time.

Hera’s Eggshell white style is an all-match one that I recommend most. The eggshell white watches are usually sold out. If you are lucky enough to see one in-store, please take it without hesitation.

Sometimes, Yvonne will participate in formal occasions. The glamour watch becomes my best partner. The arty and elegant genuine leather strap is a necessary accessory at this moment. Theodora’s Apollo series are suitable for formal occasions.

Fall and winter seasons in south Taiwan are warm. I often wear a plain sweater, matching trousers or a skirt and putting on a coat. This outfit will make you looker slimmer and slender. Occasionally playing a little trick on your accessories, such a bright-color watch, you can level up the charisma of your outfit.

On this day, I opted for Apollo chronograph as my decoration. At dinner time, all my friends like this baby. Thus, I provide them with my pocket list, Theodora. Everybody considers that it is a pity to not recognize Theodora earlier.

The marble table made the picture arty. What’s more, it seemed that this watch was as eye-catching as the yellow sofa behind. On that night, I lured my friends to make orders. We promised that we must wear sister watches at the next meeting.

Immediately after the dinner, I arranged a trip to Japan. Of course, my watch traveled with me together. When having free time, I must take pictures for memories. The beauty of this watch should be seen widely.

Hera series is my favorite series. The reason why Hera series owns vast fans thanks to the approachable look. Even one of my friends asked me why to buy such an expensive watch.

After that, I recognized that he misunderstood another more expensive brand with Theodora by mistake, and then, my friend was shocked at the affordable price of Theodora. People of all ages and genders can find the watch belongs to you. 

Visiting Ine no funaya in Osaka, I found that the rose gold Milanese strap is very durable. I have worn it for over three months at least. Nevertheless, it doesn’t rust a bit and the paint never fades.

Don’t forget to polish your watch sometimes. Simple maintenance can extend the life of your watch.

There was a must-play activity in Ine no fuyana. That was feeding seagulls and eagles.

Adults and children had such great fun. Though I was so scared of being bitten, it was not as horrible as my imagination.

Let’s drink a cup of afternoon tea in a Japanese garden, watching the scene leisurely.

Many people release their pressure by traveling, the main reason that people get addicted to travel.

The simple and elegant outfit with a pink trench coat looks manly even on me.

Yvonne really regards Hera classic series as the suitable accessories for any outfit.

I enjoyed wandering in nature; therefore, I went hiking with my watch. Here was a Chiayi tea garden trail.

The magnificent scene of the tea garden was too great to be true. The trail is loved by many hikers.

The bamboo trail in the forest recreation area of Mountain Ba Sian made me marvel at the view.

We also have a bamboo grave that can compete with foreign ones.

Bringing Theodora’s watch to travel, Yvonne truly recommends these all-match, durable, and exquisite accessories to you guys.

Don’t complain I hide my pocket list. Now you have it. Let’s get your own watch from Theodora. 


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