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【Fan’s Voice】Always Want Another, All Theodora’s Watch Series Are Worth Collecting! The First Watch in Your Life.

Do you still find a birthday gift that suits everyone? Don’t worry, Sunny collects all the net citizens’ choices of 2020 here. All is here just for you.

Theodora’s is an online store and has had no physical store so far. However, if customers make an order on the official website, all orders will be wrapped in gift boxes. Besides, Theodora’s offers a one-year warranty to customers and allow customers to return their orders within 15 days. Even a watch lets you have a great customer experience.

Either thin wrists or chubby wrists can wear watches of Theodora’s easily, displaying your unique aesthetics.

Providing the best gift at the most reasonable price is Theodora’s goal. On any occasion that you need to give a gift, Theodora’s always backs you up. Now, let’s see our fans' voices.


1. Birthday gifts recommended

Apollo bluish-green watch is absolute the popular style on fire. Giving this watch to your friends, they will feel touched.

Only released on promotion, the couple watches gift set is the bestseller of Theodora’s. A valuable and luxurious gift set comes with alternative straps. It’s a real bargain when it is on promotion. Wearing couple watches to display affection will make your girlfriend/boyfriend happy.


Recommended gift sets:

Apollo Chronograph Watch|White Dial+ Black Dial

Apollo Chronograph Watch|Bluish-Green Dial x2

Zeus Independent Second Watch|Skin Pink Dial+ Dark Blue Dial

Hebe Square Watch|Bluish-Green Dial x2


3. Anniversary day gifts

Receiving her a gift of time with love, she must feel touched about what you do. You two are in fierce love every day.


Recommended couple watches gift set:

Apollo Chronograph Watches Gift Set|Skin Pink Dial+ Bluish-Green Dial


4. Mother’s Day gifts

Theodora’s also prepares Mother’s Day gift sets for you. Noble but affordable gift sets carry your words to mom on this special day. Sunny promises your mommy will be moved by your warm thought. The minimalist style is beautiful enough.


Recommended watches:

Hera Classic Watch|Eggshell White Dial-Rose Gold Milanese Strap


5. Gifts for best friends ever

Theodora’s official website provides you with multiple choices of gifts. Watches, Perfumes, or accessories are listed on the website. You purchase them anytime to celebrate your friendship.

The thoughtful design of quick release straps makes replacement easier. Even a newbie gets familiar with changing straps with no difficulty. According to specific occasions, you can replace ones with various watch straps.

Each watch series contains its characters. People can’t wait to get another one before they receive orders. Also, the color matching is varied, awaking the desire to watch addicts. Such a great gift makes everybody go crazy to collect them all. Your friend will ask you where to get one if you wear Theodora’s watch. Either for yourself or your friends are recommended. 

For the festival this year, you don’t need to worry anymore, just going to Theodora’s official website. You will see products that quality fits its price. You don’t need to have a “thin wallet” to prepare a perfect gift.


If you haven’t bought Theodora’s watch, you are welcome to pay a visit to the official website, getting your first watch of Theodora’s!

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