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【Watch Recommendation】 Absolutely Trendy! The Brownish-Red Watch Reversing Your Imagination Looks Enticing on Men!

This watch, powder-coated with a special process, reflects a rare luster of brownish red from dials to straps.

Unmissable color of vogue-Brownish red

This color falls in between bronze and coffee, looking a bit of vintage but harmonious in modern style. Not only can’t girls let it go, but boys kneel before this watch. Furthermore, this brownish-red even turns boys into a heart-stopping man. 

The unique color perfectly enlarges one’s charm. As a brand-new vogue in manly style, I promise this one is definitely chic. (Link)

Under the sunshine, the gloss of a dial gets more glittering. With a design of big watch cases, this watch suits your wrist circumference. Also, you can adjust your watch straps anytime. Whether boys or girls don’t need to worry about your wrist circumference.

Combined with a bracelet, this watch becomes more personalized.

To get the watch and the bracelet on you together gets layers richer.

Above all, the best part is THEODORA’S offers multiple watch straps. With the quick-release function, you are able to replace them without effort, immediately owning several styles.

From today, reverse your imagination. Let’s have a brownish-red watch and be fashionable!

Have a visit: THEODORA’S