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【Women’s Wallets】Making Their Debut, the Two Short Wallets in Brown and Black Sell like Hot Cakes!

Nowadays, the trend prefers small purses. Girls who love short wallets hit the jackpot this time. This year, THEODORA’S released two short wallets for the first time. Not only are these wallets light, but they have multiple functions, which are totally crafted for women that prefer easily-carried wallet. As soon as THEODORA’S rolled out the wallets, they sold like hot cakes.

Fans that have bought these wallets all truly recommend the women’s short wallet to you.

For the first time, THEODORA’S released two classic colors. You’ll never get the wrong one. The warm brown suits anything. When holding it, you look so energetic. Compared to the brown one, the black one is unobtrusive and enticing. With its elegance, the black wallet gets along well with your outfits. (Wallet area)


Even bloggers love them too deeply to let it go.

The first one: Classic brown

With an ultra-thin appearance, this brown wallet is very delicate, in a size that girls can hold with one hand.

After unfolding this wallet, you will see seven card slots, which can collect tons of cards. Also, the wallet has a pocket to collect your receipt. As for bills, you can easily take them out. Moreover, the bills of most countries can fit in this wallet.

There is a coin pocket on the edge of this wallet, so you can take coins out effortlessly anytime.


The second one: Low-key black

Black is timeless; besides, with a gold-tooled logo to make it classier. When it comes to a low-key style, this black wallet is favored by the masses.

Furthermore, the two wallets have RFID-blocking function, eliminating card frauds no matter you go shopping or go on a journey. 

The two wallets not only have multiple functions, but they also are at an affordable price. The advantages become the reasons why These wallets are competitive with those of Western well-known brands. They don’t cost you tons of money. You even needn’t wait until you get your annual bonus. Today is the best day to take them back!

Don’t forget, THEODORA’S offer free return within 15 days and a 1-year warranty for every product. Besides, all orders have gift wrap, coming with a delicate carry bag. If you want to give your friends or family a gift, the delicate wrap should increase their impression of you.

The wallets that THEODORA’S rolled out are worthy of being collected, no matter which point you focus on, material or price. The related products are down below. If you would like to know more detail, please visit our official website.


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