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【Recommended Watches】Looking like a “Square Gem,” This Bluish Green Watch Presents Incomparable Grace.

Hebe bluish-green watches are square designs. All in all, the appearance looks minimalist and glam, which showcase its nature and romance. Also, you won’t get tired of this watch due to its distinctiveness.

So far, the bestseller is the Hebe bluish-green watch combining with black Milanese straps. The match makes its wearer profound and noble. Besides, this watch suits both boys and girls. If you replace black mesh bands with rose gold ones, the shimmering color brightens up the dark tone of the watch. Both matches that display distinctive styles have their fans. As combined with quick-release watches, the Hebe bluish-green watch can switch to more styles. (Watch strap zone)

Recommended watches:

Left: Hebe bluish-green square watch-black Milanese straps

Right: Hebe bluish-green square watch-rose gold Milanese straps

This Hebe bluish-green watch already looks good without any decoration. Furthermore, all our mesh bands are adjustable. Even girls whose wrists are thin can find suitable lengths for themselves easily.

Either indoors or outdoors, this watch radiates its supreme gloss.

When staring at its surface, you will notice the luster glows like an emerald. This feature unobtrusively displays uncommon chicness. 

The Hebe bluish-green watch spreads the atmosphere of English noble family, which shows a slightly retro, dainty style. To showcase your fine taste, you only need this graceful watch.

Once you wear this watch, the world turns into a more glittering one. Photos you take preserves the magnificence to eternity, also polishing it with a sense of fashion.

Personally, it is recommended to combine with a rose gold bracelet to stack up the layers of your outfits.

With serene, rare beauty radiating unbelievable radiance, this watch is suitable for a gift, since THEODORA’S wraps all orders in gift boxes. Moreover, they all come with gift bags. Not a detail of sending gifts is missed, as THEODORA’S try the best to serve customers. 

As long as you purchase the watch sets on THEODORA’S website, the watch sets all come with a gift bag. So, don’t worry about packing. Also, THEODORA’S provides each customer free return within 15 days and a one-year warranty for each order. We promise our customers the most consummate after-sales service.

A brand new year, it’s time to decorate yourself with a bluish-green watch. 

Hebe bluish-green watch-black mesh bands

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