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2 Watch Series Have Made Their Enthralling Debut! With 5-Layer Precise Dial in 5 Colors. Needn’t Change Batteries Often!

THEODORA’S’s new arrivals of the year, the solar watch series in the name of deities, has been released!

【★★★Complete functions, trendy look】


The Mercury watch series takes the use of 5-layer construction of solar-powered dials. Even the Mercury watch series focus on functions, still looking so fashionable. Both series expands to 5 colors for dials. Above all, the light transmittance still reaches up to 30 %.

【★★★ Countless choices of watch straps.】


THEODORA’S’s official website provides customers with multiple straps. In addition, THEODORA’S’s watch straps are quick-release straps. Everyone can select favored straps to create exclusive styles.

【★★★ Where is light, there is power】


As long as the solar watches stay where the light at, they recharge themselves; therefore, the solar watches needn’t change batteries often. It’s so convenient for lazy people.

After reaching full-charge status, the Aurora solar series can operate for 6 months in the darkness; the Mercury solar series can operate for 4 months under the same situation. 

【★★★Faint light resources can recharge, too】


Either indoors or outdoors, even faint light can transfer into electric power to recharge the watches.

【★★★Two limited-edition straps hide heartwarming details】

Now, as you buy any watch of two solar series, you will get a limited watch strap (choose a color). They are “milk tea” and dark blue crazy horse leather straps. Personally, I recommend the milk tea one to you, which you must have. The back of straps was embossed with wings and a quote. You will notice these watches have details everywhere crafted with sincerity. Hurry while stocks last! They are not for sale.


【★★★Must-have set: Limited Solar watch gift sets】

Don’t miss the limited time offers, solar-powered watch gift sets. You get a watch, a limited strap, and a bracelet, as purchasing this 3-piece set. The gift sets’ prices are also better if compared to purchase accessories separately. After clicking on the official website, you can select different straps to pair. Also, it is a good option for you to give this gift set to your friends.

Above all, all the orders made on the official websites have free returns within 15 days and 1-year warranty, wrapped in gift boxes, coming with gold-tooled logo carry bags. The solar watch sets are noble and glamourous, so there is not anything better than the solar watch sets to be a reward for yourself for this year


【★★★Get a gift with every RM 700 spent.】

Here come THEODORA’S’s hand-drawn leather notebooks.

Every page has an exclusive design. Inside the pages include mythology figure and watch series that correspond to them. The schedule of 2021 and week plans also in this notebook. There is a tip for those who want this notebook so much. Get a Mercury solar chronograph gift set to have it directly.

The solar-powered watches that THEODORA’S has rolled out this time are in a minimalist style, fitting any outfits. Compared to foreign brands, THEODORA’S provide better bargains and comprehensive after-sale service. If you want to obtain a solar-powered watch, it’s the best time to take action.

The solar watches