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【Christmas Gift Feature】2020 Top Gifts in the Year End! 4 Kinds of Impeccable Gift Sets for Gift Exchanges♥ !

The end of 2020 is coming. When reuniting with your family and friends, let’s take this opportunity to give them a selected gift. It will warm their hearts. So, this year, have some special gifts! THEODORA’S has released a variety of gift sets this time. If you want an unforgettable gift exchange, don’t miss this sale! (Visit)

【Part one of Christmas gift sets】

★★★ Watch & accessory 3-piece sets

As buying a 3-piece gift set, you receive a watch, an accessory, and a watch strap. It’s a satisfying choice as a gift. Besides, it’s a better bargain if compared to original prices. The must-have set of the year is “Christmas Apollo Chronograph Set-Bluish Green Dial-Dark Green Leather Strap-Women.” As soon as this big hit rolled out, it took away many fans’ hearts since the dark green is well-blended, which looks exquisitely profound.

All favored colors are here, for both men and women. Each one is the classic of the classic, showing a radiant feeling of Christmas when on wrists.

They look so fascinating, doesn’t it? These combinations on you make your outfit outstanding than others’.


【Part 2 of Christmas gift sets】

★★★Solar-powered watch 3-piece sets

Recently, the new-released solar-powered watch gift sets made their enthralling debut this Christmas. The main feature of solar-powered watches is you don’t need to change batteries often. No matter where light is, they can recharge themselves, even under faint light.


Even the well-known blogger, Alice, unboxed two of solar watch sets and loved them.

THEODORA’S especially released time-limited watch gift sets, too. Buy one and get a limited-edition strap (Dark blue/milk tea). If you want to own a high-class watch, these are for you. One gift sets carry a bracelet and an alternative strap, which means you own two watches at once. Don’t forget, we just mention these watches don’t need to change batteries regularly. You deserve the best.

【Part 3 of Christmas sets】

★★★Featured watch and bracelet gift sets

Now, we come to the greatest bargains! Now, you buy one watch and get one strap. Here are two styles for you. I promise the prices are the best ones of the year. No matter who you give these two gifts, these gifts never fall short of your expectation. You really can’t miss this steal. (Link)

The detachable clasps make wearing this pair of bracelets easier. Stainless steel in two tones displays exquisite texture, letting couples exhibit their affection in an elegant, noble way. This bracelet set is worth being on your list.

【Part 4 of watch gift sets】

★★★Couple accessory gift sets

Please look at here, couples. Even not on Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to select a lovely present for each other. Wearing couple watches and couple necklaces, you two are the sweetheart in each other’s minds. Your love also is more close. The two gift sets below are unmissable ones! 


★First gift set★
Christmas Couple Bracelet Set-Infinity Magnetic Leather Bracelets

This one is regarded as a big hit of couple accessory set. A simple symbol exhibits infinity love. How about wearing these infinity bracelets to show your love to the world?

★Second gift set★
Christmas Couple Bracelet Set-Dual Color Detachable Bracelets

Apart from the gift sets above, there are more gift sets for you in THEODORA’S’s Christmas section. If you want to buy a watch, the official website also lists several watch series for you. Now, you will get a leather notebook with purchase over RM 700. Every page is well-designed, hiding delicate details. This notebook is worthy of being collected.


Christmas gift section: Have a visit

THEODORA’S official website

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