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【Watch Recommended】Here They Come! 12 Latest Favored Watches on Social Media. Most Must-have Watches Have been listed✨

We have sorted out the newest 12 watches that go viral on social media for you as the must-have ones of 2021.

First, all the black addicts must have the Zeus small second black, which is favored on the Internet. The Zeus watch series’ main feature is the independent second. The small second has a sense of fashion, plus the date display, becoming neat and chic. It’s the reason why the Zeus watch series plays an important role in minimalist watches. 


Recommended watch: Zeus small second black-black Milanese strap

Next, we are going to see watch of the year. The watches come from two series. One is the minimalist version. The other is the chronograph version. Both are timeless. If you see these, don’t forget to press like and save. Besides, you can get a limited-edition strap by buying a gift set of this watch series.


Recommended watch: Solar-powered white-limited milk tea strap

Then, here is Orpheus mother-of-pearl bluish-green chronograph, coming in two sizes. Its’ dial glows with unique luster due to mother-of-pearl. No matter you wear it alone or wear it with your lover, this watch is the best pick that never messes up a surprise.


Recommended watch: Orpheus mother-of-pearl bluish-green-black Milanese strap

Now, let’s get into the world of minimalism. The Aurora black solar-powered watch will guide you. The Aurora black watch is equipped with exclusive feather watch hands. Above all, you don’t need to change its battery regularly. Besides, black suits most outfits. Still, under full-charge status, this watch is capable of working for six months in the darkness.


Recommended watch: Aurora minimalist solar-powered black-black Milanese strap

As for this watch, this pure white watch showcases its fancy appearance to top the keyword list. Even foreign fans go mad about this sheer white watch. Needing no filter, it has already looked like a gift from heaven. Thanks to THEODORA’S’s quick release straps, so you can change any other ones. This one is a great bargain. 


Recommended watch: Apollo white chronograph-white genuine leather strap

Hera minimalist black is a timeless one. It always shines no matter what you pair with this watch. I personally suggest you get one. Every day you go out, once you wear it, the Hera minimalist black makes you stylish. 


Recommended watch: Hera black-black Milanese strap

So fascinating Morandi blue-gray totally melt girls’ mind. Most would scream, ”I want that, too.” We also suggest a blue-gray bracelet to you to multiply your grace.


Recommended watch: Hera white blue gray genuine leather strap 
Bracelet: Oread blue gray dual braided bracelet

Understated but glam silver-blue chronograph radiates seamless gentleness. Plus a silver-blue bracelet, the silver-blue pair bring your wear to another level. This year, the gift for your boyfriend is definitely this pair.


Recommended watch: Apollo silver blue-silver Milanese strap
Bracelet: Oread silver magnetic clasp bracelet

The Apollo brownish-red chronograph shines with fashionable and retro gloss, displaying western fashion. So, you will be glam from this winter to next year with such uncommon beauty. No matter what wear you pair with this watch, you won’t get tired of it.


Recommended watch: Apollo brownish red- Brown Milanese strap

The Zeus dark blue small second radiates freedom and serenity, turning you into a fascinating girl inside out, as deep blue suits men and women.


Recommended watch: Zeus dark blue small second-black Milanese strap

The Venus brownish red mother-of-pearl comes in a rare color. Show you a Portuguese romance. As turning your wrist, the mother-of-pearl dial glow with various luster. 


Recommended watch: Venus brownish red-brown Milanese strap

Mercury bluish-green solar-powered chronograph recharges itself wherever light is. When fully recharged, it is capable of working for four months in the dark. Low-key but ever-glowing bluish-green always looks fashionable whether at dawn or sunset.


Recommended watch: Apollo bluish-green solar-powered-black Milanese strap

Do you find your preference for the watches above? There are still multiple watches on our official website. Next time, when traveling with watches of THEODORA’S on weekends, don’t forget to take photos of you two. Post them on your Instagram, add @theodorawatches, and share them in THEODORA’S’s VIP club.
Then, you have a chance to receive a gift.


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