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【Bloggers’ recommendation】The Outlines for THEODORA’S Solar-Powered Watches. You Don’t Need to Change batteries of them Regularly. 

We have outlined the two new-released solar-powered watch series. If you are interested in this article, let’s scroll down to read!

Dark blue is a unisex color, which makes one feels warm, giving you the most understated taste and elegance It is a highly recommended style for beginners.

The color of the watch is blended into a low-key color tone. You don't need to wear loud clothes to create a unique style.

Especially the extra milk tea strap elevates the dark blue watch for its cozy appearance.

Or being paired with dark blue leather straps looks unlimited and neat. You will be enchanting even in casual style when traveling on weekends.

Even girls go well with this watch with dark blue straps, looking natural and stylish.

With three subdials, this watch has multiple functions, leaving a professional impression on other people. Besides, this watch slims down a girl’s wrist visually, also adding a touch of profound attraction.

As for men, Men wearing this watch get more manly. With dark blue leather straps, the whole set becomes more mature. This combination suits men the best to be paired with outfits. A shirt and a watch are what stylish men need.

 Above all, you don’t need to change the batteries of the solar-powered watches regularly, since they recharge themselves wherever light is.


Recommended watches:

Aurora minimalist-dark blue

Mercury chronograph-dark blue

White is also one of the most favored colors. Coming with milk tea watch straps, this combination looks so mesmerizing that it makes one mad. The color matching that heals your soul is going to reverse your image of watches. Therefore, this white watch has topped the must-have list.

A clear watch dial and feather watch hands show its delicacy. With quick release straps, you can change them any time. It’s really convenient.

With denim jeans, your wear looks great. Moreover, this watch has a date display window. It meets your demands in your daily life. Not more or less, it’s just fine to have a watch like this one.


Recommended watch:

Aurora minimalist solar-powered watch-white

Now, we come to bluish-green watches, which fits both men and women. In an uncommon color, this watch emphasizes its wearer’s style. Either mesh bands or real leather straps, both of them radiates their own attraction rather than steal the bluish-green watch’s thunder.

Also, it’s unexpected that milk tea straps combined with a red watch dial looks so enticing with women’s gentleness, showing confident beauty. You just need a milk tea coat to go on a date.

Black is an unmissable color. So it is better to have a black watch in your collection. Then, you don’t need to worry about today’s wear.

Still, combined with a milk tea coat, black showcases the intriguing beauty of contrasting colors.

Recommended watches:
Aurora minimalist-black
Mercury chronograph-black

No matter for your lover or yourself, these watches are your top picks. As long as you buy the solar-powered watch sets on the official website, you will have limited-edition straps and jewelry, plus free returns within 15 days and a 1-year warranty. Moreover, your watch set comes with a gold-tooled carry bag, a silver polishing cloth, and an adjusting tool. We have prepared all you need.

Welcome to go to the official website to select your favorite solar-powered watches. Also, you may search the hashtag #希奧朵拉太陽能錶 on Instagram to see more posts about these watches.

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