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New Arrivals in 2021! Selected Watches, Straps, and Wallets, in Low-Key England Green, Walk into Your Heart!

Here comes the favored bluish-green series with brand new straps!

In an English green tone, showcasing understated glamourous, watches, straps, and bi-fold wallets, are viscerally captivating.

Next, we are going to explore four selected watches. 

The first recommendation:

Hera classic bluish green-green genuine leather strap

The Hera classic bluish green, less than RM 300, having a lower barrier to get it, topped our selling rank undoubtedly. Although crafted in a minimalist style, the Hera classic always tickles your desire to buy it. As for the first watch, this watch is worth being taken back. (shop now)

The second recommendation:

Apollo bluish-green chronograph-green genuine leather strap

The Apollo chronograph series, coming in a glamorous style and useful functions, is a dreamed watch series. Combined with prime leather watchbands, and radiating a serene noble spirit, the Apollo series conquers your mind already. No matter who you buy this watch for, it’s a wise choice.

What’s more, THEODORA’S provides customers with free returns within 15 days and a 1-year warranty, ensuring each one has an excellent customer experience. (shop now)


The third recommendation:

Orpheus bluish green mother-of-pearl chronograph-green genuine leather strap

【Small version & big version】

Shining with a unique mother-of-pearl gloss, the Orpheus is specially crafted in both the small and big versions. As for couple watches, there are no other watches more suitable than the Orpheus. One is big; the other is small. What an impressive idea. (Shop now)

The fourth recommendation:

Hebe bluish green square watch-green genuine leather strap

Do you want something more distinctive? This square and chic watch that “wears” bluish green got a real class. Our editors all personally recommended the Hebe square. The unconventional shape makes you stand out. Also, the dense color tone, perfect and consistent, display a cultivated aesthetics. (shop now)

Apart from the four watches mentioned above, THEODORA’S’ official website has more big hits in green tones.

Still, there are many combinations for your watches.

Let’s pay a visit now!