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Featured “Blackout-Black” Accessories Make You Fall into This Consistent and Understated Fascination.

As black is the timeless color, products of the “blackout-black” series, from watches to sunglasses, were born for those who keep themselves black to the core.

Exactly black is flawless, fitting anyone and any season. Next, here come three selected black watches, keeping you stylish without looking basic.

Recommended One: The Aurora watch series

Operating even when blackout, these solar-powered watches have unlimited power. The minimalist version of the solar-powered series abandons all unnecessary details to demonstrate its essence, similar to the sun that radiates in the dark. 

Even under dim light, the solar-powered watches recharge. While fully charged, their power can last six months in the dark before recharging next time.


Recommended two: The Apollo chronograph series

Like a black sun, the Apollo chronograph series transmits a dark dominator’s mystery to the masses. You are going to radiate an aura when wearing one.

Moreover, the Apollo chronograph series is equipped with a date display window, day indicator, and 24-hour indicator to fulfill gentlemen focusing on complete functions.

Recommended three: The Hebe square watch series

It’s a sense of rebellion to forge square watches to break a frame. If you dress in a minimalist way, you might find your watch is a point of your outfits. Paired with black leather straps, the Hebe square series ensures your excellent wearing experience. You might not fall into it at first sight, but you would love it as time goes.

Aside from watches, THEODORA’S offers black wallets and sunglasses to complete your pure black look.