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“Marry Me, Please!” The Most Ritualized Word Must be Paired with the Five Hottest Gift Sets.

If you are looking for a practical, stellar gift set at a reasonable price, here is a “delicate gift set” worthy of your attention. Next, I have listed five watch gift sets from affordable-budget to high-budget ones.


The first recommendation:

Hera eggshell white watch gift set

I would recommend this Hera classic watch series to two kinds of groups–those who are beginners or have a low budget. Cozy blue gray, paired with an Oread dual-layered bracelet, make one’s eyes glued on you. As this pairing comes in an identical color, the whole color tone looks so refreshing. 

Also, THEODORA’S offers customers watches in multiple colors; thus, everyone finds their preferred combinations when ordering. It frees you from thinking of how to pair them since THEODORA’S has already done this troublesome work for you.


The second recommendation:

Hera skin pink watch gift set

This gift sets with an Oread infinity bracelet is also a budget-friendly combination. This watch smooth as milk tea look already filtered when you take pictures with it. Rose gold is another unmissable element for girls, which makes your skin tone fairer and bright.

Here is a point worthy of mention. These gift sets are guaranteed free returns within 15 days and a one-year warranty if you purchase any product of THEODORA’S. What’s more, they come with a strap-adjusting, silver polishing cloth, and gift bag, since THEODORA’S is dedicated to providing customers with the best services always. 

The third recommendation:

Hera black watch gift set

When it comes to minimalism, this Hera black watch gift set should be another first pick at a decent price. Bewitching black accessories are those that you won’t struggle to match with your outfit, as they handle any style and occasion, emphasizing your refinement understatedly.

The fourth recommendation:

Apollo bluish green watch gift sets

Now, we enter the Apollo chronograph series. I would say bluish green has been the color of THEODORA’S already. The reason why I say so is not only for its serenity but also its noble aura when you wear it. This black Apollo chronograph radiates unlimited attraction, as paired with a black bracelet.

So, THEODORA’S rolled out two specs for women and men separately. The oversized style suits both boys and girls.


The fifth recommendation:

Apollo skin pink chronograph gift set

If you are keen on accessories in a more glamorous style, I’d recommend this Apollo skin pink chronograph gift set to you. Designed in an oversized style, having a date indicator, day indicator, and 24-hour indicator, this chronograph keeps you radiant from confidence. Paired with a heart bracelet, this Apollo chronograph set becomes sweeter.

Finally, these delicate square gift sets, taking a lid-flipping design. When you open this box, it feels like you are saying “Marry me!” Wheat a movielike plot! All in all, giving a diamond is not the only way to unlock one’s heart. You still have other answers, such as these awe-inspiring and ceremonious gift sets. Now, they get time-limited 10% off. Don’t miss this chance!

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