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【Big Hits】 to Obtain Two Accessories Handily, Here List Five Hottest Gift Sets, which Bloggers Shock at Their Prices.

Among essential accessories in daily life, watches and wallets step into the group of must-have items. Therefore, THEODORA’S especially launched limited-edition “watch & wallet sets.” We selected the two most renowned watch series to pair with wallets in eight colors. As a result, we crafted the impeccable and deluxe “midnight-blue gift sets.” Gorgeous but mysterious, they are worthy of being your choice as given gifts this year.


The first recommended gift sets:
Hera watch & wallet gift sets-milk tea

As most know, the fever of milk tea color never fades since you pair them with any other accessories facilely. Even several bloggers praised the Hera watch & wallet gift sets-milk tea. Above all, the most surprising part is the whole set costs less than RM 500. We highly recommended the Hera watch & wallet sets to the top of your list. (Shop now)


The second recommended gift sets:
Hera watch & wallet gift sets-brown

This classic brown gift set also sells like hotcakes due to its plain but timeless color tone. Moreover, the earth tone is the best color to keep the luck of wealth. If you have difficulties making choices, this classic brown gift sets free you from confusion, never fall short of your expectation. (Shop now)


The third recommended gift sets:
Hera watch & wallet gift sets-gray

Gray is a trendy color this year. This color is so fashionable that you seem like a fashionista as soon as you hold a gray wallet. Then, the class of gray elevates your elegance to the core. (Shop now)


The fourth recommended gift sets:
Hera watch & wallet gift sets-bluish green

This bluish green gift set is another highly recommended one, having sophisticated steel of green, catching everyone’s hearts, radiating elegance and class. There is also a group of die-hard fans for this watch set. (Shop now)

Men’s best gift sets:
Apollo watch & wallet gift sets-bluish green

As for a gift for your boyfriend, this Apollo watch & wallet gift set has packed all you need it. A bluish green watch paired with a black bi-fold wallet beats any other choice you see. Its understatedly deluxe style will seize your boyfriend’s mind. (Shop now)

All gift sets will be carefully wrapped in a dust bag, coming with a gift bag. We are dedicated to offering the best customer experience to you.

Apart from the five gift sets mentioned above, we have more gift sets in diverse styles. Our short wallet collection is all big hits, having ten sections and the RFID-blocking function. THEODORA’S did put much effort to design details of products. So, please select any items according to your preferences and budget to your heart’s content.

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