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【Time-Limited】 Great Bargains, Drip Bag Coffee Sets, are for You! Standing with Oklao’s coffee shop, Let’s Pour a Heart-Warming Flow into the Suffering World.

Here comes thrilling news! Oklao and THEODORA’S collaborated to release drip bag coffee gift sets this month. Now, you get one with only RM 700 spent.

Recently, you haven’t gone outdoors or abroad because of the pandemic. Do you feel a bit frustrated at the moment? 

To cheer you up, THEODORA’S especially collaborated with Oklao coffee shop to roll out a special present, drip bag coffee gift sets, this month. A coffee set includes ten packs of coffee from various manors and a pouring kettle. We hope even though you can’t travel abroad now, you still have a nice trip over the world with your taste buds. Let’s find back your good mood with a cup of coffee, feeling the warmth of this world again.

Either staying at home or working on what you are responsible for, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Brew cups of mellow coffee and treat yourself and others tenderly every day. 

Coming from places around the world, every pack of coffee comes in a distinctive design. Though all of us should stay home, our hearts still fly to anywhere we desire.

The technique of drip bags makes sure that even beginners can brew coffee without difficulties. 

After tearing its package, pour boiled water into the center of a coffee drip bag slowly until you reach its suggested amount of water. Then, a cup of mellow and aromatic coffee is done.

In the end, we only want to tell you we always stay with you, no matter how chaotic this world would become. If fear invades your mind again, a cup of coffee will soothe your mind and raise the glow in your soul. Next, you feel the temperature of this world with your heart.

Time-limited in this month, these coffee gift sets are not many left in stock. Hurry up while they are available. If you are keen on these coffee gift sets, please visit the official website of THEODORA’S. Pick up a present for those who you are concerned about.


Time-limited gift sets