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【Recommended Watches】 Our New Rank of Watches Came Out! It Included All Your Favorites.

This article listed thirteen watches favored by users on social media, sharing them with you.

The trendiest color this year, gray, increased how fashionable these two watches would be. The left one is eggshell white; the right one is silvery white. Both are classic, showing gorgeous charisma, and costing less than RM 300. It is worth getting one of both.


Recommended watches:

Hera eggshell white watch-gray leather straps
Hera silvery white watch-gray leather straps

Paired with gray leather straps, a glittering chronograph watch is a must-have one. With a gray wall being a background, this watch becomes the most enticing spot in gray. Don’t miss this trendy color of the year.


Recommended watches: Apollo white watch-gray leather straps

Next, new arrivals, creamy white straps, refreshed everyone visually once they were released. Showcasing their glamorous color and fashionable aesthetics, the creamy-white strap watch looks specifically chic.


Recommend watch collection:

Solar powered watch collection-limited creamy white straps

When it comes to a unisex style, most people take this bluish green watch, which is from the Orpheus collection, as an example. It shines with an extraordinary gloss of pearl. If paired with an Oread infinity bracelet, the watch dazzles nobly, which is impeccable.


Recommended watch & bracelet:

Orpheus bluish green watch-black Milanese straps
Oread infinity bracelet

Apollo bluish green combined with casual and natural black straps gains a sense of strength. Either paired with leather shoes or sneakers, this Apollo bluish green watch shows you a unique path towards fashion.

Recommended watch: Apollo bluish green-black crazy horse leather straps

Embellishing modesty of bluish green with golden makes this Apollo watch more enchanting. If you add a cuff bracelet, the layered aesthetics allures passengers to gaze at this combination.


Recommended: Apollo bluish green watch-rose gold Milanese straps

Now, we come to an unmissable timepiece! As a hot keyword for search engines on social media, most viewers inquire about this milk tea timepiece due to its intriguing color. As long as you own it, you are always better than you in yesterday.


Recommended: Mercury solar powered white-milk tea straps

Apollo matte black that fits both genders would be either understated or eye-catching. Build up your attitude towards daily life with black. Focus on every moment. Time will lead you to prosperity. 


Recommended watch: Apollo matte black watch-black Milanese straps

A Zeus independent second black watch, conveying an essential sense of design, suits you if you select a minimalist style. Equipped with a date displaying window, this Zeus black watch ensures each second never slips away from your hands.


Recommended watch: Zeus independent second black watch-black Milanese straps

Then, here comes an Apollo white chronograph. The mesmerizing grace of white leaves a fairylike impression on one. If you combine a rose gold diamond bracelet, you have already collected the fancy accessories you need.


Recommended watch: Apollo white watch-white leather strap

After browsing so many watches, do you feel a bit exhausted? Let’s have some “milk tea” and “dark chocolate!” The combination of this watch creates an undefinable style. Equipped with a solar powered dial, the Aurora watches recharge as there is light. If you seek an out-of-the-frame watch, your best choice is here.


Recommended watch: Aurora solar powered black watch-milk tea straps

A lovely tree, captivating you, blue sky, and white cloud portray such an awe-inspiring scene. When you are wearing a Poseidon watch, both of you sparkle heavenly under the sunshine. If you take selfies, a Poseidon skin pink watch is all you need.


Recommended watch: Poseidon skin pink watch-rose gold Milanese straps

Finally, we will see the classic of the classic, Hera minimalist dark blue watch. Both men and women are keen on this color which is basic but timeless. No matter how you take pictures with a Hera minimalist dark blue watch, its heartwarming grace makes all photos impeccable.


Recommended watch: Hera dark blue watch-black Milanese strap