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【Chinese Valentine’s Day】 If You don’t Know how to Convey Your Flaming Love, Let Couple Watches Do It for You!

I know there are several Valentine’s Days. Choosing gifts is the most time-consuming work, especially when surprises have to be distinctive. Thus, THEODORA’S has taken this mission for couples, releasing sweet and neat couple watches to celebrate a sense of ritual between you and her. It is the opportunity to strengthen your bond.


First recommended couple watches:

#1 The Apollo Collection 

This Chinese Valentine’s Day, THEODORA’S has launched couple watch sets of the Apollo Collection, which offer 41 mm dials and 37 mm dials. You can choose the size you prefer. The three subdials look like three radiant suns to sparkle your love.

Based on the concept of warmth, Apollo couple watches symbolize a couple would have each other's company. Due to this concept, a pair of Apollo couple watches transmits your flaming love and warms each other.


Second recommended couple watches:

#2 The Hera Collection

The Hera Collection abandoned extra elements, back to the essence of beauty, which means the purest love between couples. THEODORA’S hopes every couple creates a new meaning for this watch with their stories.


Third recommended couple watches:
The Mercury Collection

The Mercury Collection offers 42 mm watches, as oversized ones, which suit couples that prefer a rare style. To write down your story, you may adorn your daily life with various outfits and the Mercury Collection. Let sparks of love light you up.

Furthermore, most couple watches are 4-piece ones, which means they contain two watches and two straps. You switch into several styles according to different occasions and outfits. You nourish your love with interest of couple watches.